An Update…

I wrote the following to my dear sweet friend Cindi; she liked the idea of me posting it .  So it here it is: an update from Romania.

Yesterday,  i went with Claudia to visit 2 families who live in the city and are being helped by the PULS center.   i wanted to cry.  they were so poor.  one family has 5 kids and maybe 2 rooms to the house.  the mother was frying potatos on a hot plate next to bed where the baby was sleeping.  the baby just took a fry right off the pan next to the hot plate.  and it was so dirty.  my head started itching, although, i don’t think there were any lice.  the mother and father don’t work.  and the mother was so excited for the soap and baby items we gave them. esp the nice smelling stuff…its supposed to be for the baby, but we know the whole family will use it.

the other house was worse on the outside, but once in their room (i’m pretty sure they only had the one room) you could tell they took care of it. It was clean and it looks like at some point they had some money b/c they had some nice furniture.  and of course b/c both houses had electricity there was a tv.  now i didn’t see and running water, but its easier to run power lines than to put in pipes.

oh, good news.   i’m going to sing in the christmas choir here.  Gabi is the worship leader (so i have that in) and he and mihaela both thought it would be a good idea.  not only do i get to sing (and you know how much i love to do that) but i will get to meet more people at church.

the church…its small, way smaller than Church on the Cape.  and we meet in the upper room (sounds so gospelesque) of a building not too far from where i live. the service is 2 1/2 hours and there is always lots of praying.  there also seems to be 2 sermons.  or at least that’s whats happened the last 2 weeks.  this past week the kids did a skit of moses sending the people to scout out the promise land and coming back w/  grapes etc.  the kids were sooo cute.

My life in Oradea

I’m sorry its taken so long to write again.  I lost internet in my apartment so i have to go to the PULS (pregnancy crisis center) to use the computer.   I’m hoping the internet connection will be fixed soon at my “casa.”

There are many little oddities about Romania.  For example:  I have to turn the light on the hallway of the apartment block and I have less than a min. to lock my door and get downstairs before the lights go out.  And  vise versa.  The tram drivers have to get out and change the tracks themselves at the tram stops…its not automated.  I see other things that are curious to me and I try to remember them, so that i can tell you about them.

Language lessons: I go to Ramona’s house everyday for 2 hours.  It takes 45 min. to get there.  She gives me about an hour or 2 worth of homework or “tema de casa” and then I have to watch tv in romanian or have conversations. I was getting really discouraged and frustrated, the last night God reminded me that I had only gone to 3 classes.  Then I though, “wow! I can already communicate and I already know a lot of words.”  So my discouragement turned in to encouragement. Praise the Lord.

Sunt incantata.  I am happy.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to post the pictures of my apartment soon.  All of the emails and comments are very encouraging.  Thank you.  (I had posted the wrong phone numbers; they are correct now.)  If anyone has a specific question, please ask.  It would be my pleasure to answer.

Lots of love from Romania.

I Have Landed

Just wanted to send a quick note out to tell you that I am in Oradea.  The trip was long but uneventful and I was even able to sleep on the plane. 

I’m in my apartment and getting settled.  Its much bigger than I thought it would be and is fully furnished. Praise the Lord!

I’ll send pictures soon as well as the mailing address.

love ya and thanks for the prayers!

Leaving on a jet plane….

I’ll be flying out tomorrow.  I’ll fly from Wilmington to Charlotte to Munich to Budapest.  Then I’ll have a 4 hour drive to Oradea.   Please pray for safe travels and no lost luggage. 

Many blessing! And I’ll post as soon as I can from Oradea!

Eight days to go, but who’s counting?

I will be leaving for Romania on Oct 14.  I’m ready to go.  Last Friday was my last day at work.  It was bittersweet to leave the shelter after 5 years.  I’m sure most of what I learned there will be put to use on the mission field.

Last week, I also got word that I will have an apartment.  Here is what Mihaela wrote: We just found an apartment and already spoke for it for these next three months. It is in walking distance from the office, close to the tram station, post office and grocery shops. It is completely furnished, even has a wash machine (don’t laugh… that is hard to find in most apartments for rent here), phone and Internet connection. It has a living room/office, a bedroom, a bathroom and a small kitchen.

Sound great to me!

It was wonderful to see so many of my friends and loved ones on Saturday night.  I was especially touched by the those who came from out town.  It was an amazing send off.  Thank you all.

Now, I must go and start packing.  Does anyone want to help?