VBS in Ploiesti Area

So we had much success doing VBS in the Ploiesti Area. Thank you for all of your prayers.   We held VBS in 2 different villages, visiting one village in the morning and one in the evening. Both villages are predominately gypsy.  We had about 30 kids, mostly 7 years old and under in the morning village and older kids and teens in the evening village.  Ana taught the lessons, which were great.  We had games, crafts, and songs.  The two woman team from PA did a great job helping out with crafts and games and teaching the kids songs in English. We loved their flexibility.

Baby Matt did a great job with all the traveling.  The trip to Ploiesti was 7 hours and we were on the road a lot during the week since the villages were a ways out from the hotel.  The heat was also horrible and there was no a/c.  We were grateful for the a/c in the car!

A special thanks to our host Eduard and his team of volunteers.

Please pray for these villages and there new churches.  In the morning village, the person in charge of the children is only 13 years old. The children’s programs in these villages are new and limited, but the kids are learning verses and Bible stories.


VBS in New Territory

Tomorrow Ana and I (and Baby Matt) are going to Baicoi (Tintea) –Boldesti-Scaieni, which is near the city of Ploiesti, which is about an hour north of Bucuresti.  We will be joined by 2 women from PA as well as Eduard, the MBK choir ministry director and members of his choir.  We will be hosting VBS in 2 gypsy villages for 3 days.  This is the first time, MBK has done VBS in this area.  Ana and I are going as “teachers;” to show Eduard and his team how to do VBS.  But this is new territory for us, so we don’t know what to expect either.

Please pray for us as we travel, as the 2 women travel from the US, and as we bring together the teams to host VBS.  Most importantly, please pray for the children who will come, that their hearts will be open to the Gospel message and that they will be drawn closer to God.


Summer Camp


We had a great camp this year, despite the lack of water. It rained but never enough to change the water pressure.  We were able to use the 1st floor bathrooms a bit, but mostly we just used the ground floor ones and sent the kids to the river w/ soap!  The pirate theme was well received by the kids and leaders. The kids were divided into teams of 10 and did a rotation schedule twice a day including games, memory verse, crafts, lesson review and rehearsal.  The kids did a talent show at the end of the week with the help of  Teo–who did an amazing job directing the skits and dances. Each team did a serious skit and a funny one.  We had water time and played lots of BINGO!  The kids enjoyed the Bible lessons each day and we could hear them singing the Bible songs all day long. The team from America was great. Allen, from PA, did a devotion with the kids each morning.  We couldn’t have done camp with out them.  On Saturday, Diakonia church came out and joined us for a short church service (the kids got to do their skits again) and lunch.  We then were able to play games and fotbal! Our last night, the kids dressed up like pirates and tropical princesses and had a camp fire.  Bogdan made chocolate stuffed bananas and served them by the fire.

The kids didn’t want to go home and we even got a call from the orphanage telling us that the boys were crying because they wanted to be at camp!  I guess that’s a very good sign!

Thank you to everyone who sponsored a camper.  Watch your mail for a surprise from your camper!!!

Little Kid Field Trip

We had our annul little kid field trip.  It was too hot to play at the McDonald’s playground, so we took our happy meals to the park.  We played on the play ground and had a blast with balloon animals.  We played games in the open space and had a wonderful time.

A Day at the Orphanage

We had a great time on Thursday with the children at the orphanage.  The American team did a great job with the kids. We met in a local youth center.  Ana taught a great lesson and the kids were very interested.  The craft time went well and the kids got balloon animals.  After lunch, the kids met us in the gym of a local school and we played games!  The big boys played soccer and basketball with our 2 American guys.  Everyone had a great time, despite the crazy hot weather!

Pray for Rain

Its hot here, but that’s ok, its summer!  But I just spoke w/ the owner of the camp and because of the heat and lack of rain, there isn’t enough water in the well for the water to reach the 2nd and third stories of the building. This means, we won’t be able to use those bathrooms and there will be no showers!!!  (smelly!!!!!!) There is enough water for the first floor bathroom and for the kitchen.  But if it rains, all should be resolved. Please pray for some rain this weekend…but not all week, since we are going to be at summer camp and we have lots of outside activities planned!!!

Summer Team

It is so hot!  Its been in the 90’s all week.  It hasn’t been this hot since 2007, when I first came over.  The team is amazing!  They still work in the heat and are still smiling.  We’ve taken more breaks and had more down time because of the heat, but all is well and all is getting done.

I have no idea how my little Matt can take this change!  He’s completely off  his schedule and is hot all the time, but he’s such a good baby.  He’s totally going with the flow.  Yesterday at the Orphanage, one of the girls pushed him for an hour around the ping-pong table (the coolest room at the gym where we met) for an hour so he could nap.  Matt is still smiling and laughing at everybody and napping when he can.  Its amazing.  Praise God for such a sweet baby.

I’ll get some pictures posted soon.  We are finishing up everything for camp.  Including a last min. camper change.  Hey, we go with the flow here!