Camp sponsors still needed

We are still looking for 2 sponsors at $100 each for our kids camp. Camp is in 6 weeks. We need 3 sponsors at $100 each for teen camp. Our teen camp is in 8 weeks. Message me for details or information or see the “Send a kid to camp” page on this site. Thanks!

Children’s Day!

June 1st is Children’s Day here in Romania. To celebrate, I got Happy Meals from McDonald’s for the children and teens at Sunday school.  They enjoyed it.  They were many random prizes so they had fun trading them! We also played Bingo.  They love Bingo! It was a fun way to celebrate our children!

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I wanted to share that Bianca, has officially registered for high school at Filidefia Christian High School. Bianca and her family are so excited for this great opportunity.  She has entrance/placement exams on June 30th. Please pray for success with the exams. She is very nervous about them, but we know she will do well! We pray that Bianca will continue to be a light in the village!!


Goodbye Fourth Graders!

I had to say goodbye to my fourth graders.  But they made it easy on me because for the first time this year, they were monsters in class!  I’ve had these kids since kindergarten and love them dearly.  But of all the days to be so agitated.  Grr!  Definitely, made seeing them go easier! HA! No, seriously, I’ll miss them. I was really impressed this year, with how well they picked up new vocabulary and how much they worked to learn some simple English. I hope they will be more prepared for their start of “graded” English in the fall when they enter the middle school.  Following tradition that I started a few years ago, each of the fourth graders received a book in English. I forgot to take a picture of the group, but was able to catch a couple of the girls.  I had three students who just wowed me with vocab and they got 2 books each!


JBQ Finals

We have had our last two meets in the last 2 months.  The teams have worked hard and have done well. The Stroiesti team was not able to continue the season, so the last 2 meets were between the two teams from Betal Church. Team Betal A won both meets, giving them a perfect score. Congratulations to all the teams and Congratulations to Betal A you’re going to Nationals!

Our final meet was held in a park in Guru Humorului, about an hour from Suceava.  After the meet, the teams left to have in the adventure park.  I didn’t join them–not really for the preschooler/toddler set.  But I heard they had lots of fun. Thank you to Mariana and Ana for all their help with the meets. And thanks to Ancuta for taking pictures!

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Teen Trip to Voronet

Friday we took the teens from Stroiesti on an overnight trip. A wonderful lady from our church owns a B&B and offered us rooms for the night. Bogdan and Andrei did the cooking.  Our teen group leaders, Adi and Iulia came with their children. Adi lead a Bible study Friday night. We, also, celebrated Andrei’s 20th birthday!  On Saturday morning, after breakfast, we headed over to the river and had a relaxing time playing volleyball, walking in the woods, and just hanging out. DSCN6759 DSCN6760 DSCN6761 DSCN6781 DSCN6779 DSCN6793 DSCN6801 DSCN6799 DSCN6805 DSCN6809