Book fair for Romania

Dear Friends, my good friend Steph is a representative of Usborne and is hosting a a book fair to purchase books for 3 schools in Romania. The books listed have been selected because they compliment the topics covered in the kindergarten and English classes. I have also selected a Jungle workbook for camp next year.

Why are we not doing a general book drive? Books are heavy and it costs $3 per pound to ship to Romania. So we will be shipping books that we know will be useful for the schools!

You are welcome to purchase books on the wishlist for the schools, but by just purchasing books for your children and grandchildren you will help us earn triple credits to purchase books for the schools!

Our goal is to instill a love of reading and to help the children gain confidence in reading in English!

Please follow the link below to join our book fair! The book fair party will be hosted live on Thursday on Facebook, but you can order now!

Thank you for your support!!

Successful camp

Three weeks of camps and 200 campers! To say we are tired is an understatement, but it was a great camp season!


We have arrived in Maryland and will head to North Carolina on Thursday. We are so excited to visit with friends, family, and sponsors all over the east coast and the gulf coast!

Camp sponsors

We are still in need of camp sponsors for our Dorohoi orphanage camp and our Stroiesti village/Mihoveni orphanage camp.

The cost is $120 and sponsors is due by June 15.

Checks can be mailed to:

My Brother’s Keeper

P. O. Box 11

Roxbury, PA 17251

Memo line: Ghitun camp 2019

Please contact me if you have a preference for a child from the orphanage or village, gender,age etc. and I will do my best to accommodate you!

Below is a PayPal link for your convenience!

Send a Kid to camp!

Express Yourself for God’s Glory!! This year our camp theme is all about Emojis! Love them or hate them, they are all around us! And the kids love them! We will be teaching what the Bible has to say about a variety of emotions including: kindness, anger, greed, sadness, courage, love, and joy!

The cost of the camp we have rented the past 7 years has gone up yet again, so we are going to try a smaller camp, a bit farther away. We have used the camp in Campulung before and it is much more rustic and much smaller, but it’s location is great for field trips and hiking. We are planning to rent a bus to take the campers to Rarau Mountain, a famous site in the area.
We are currently planning 3 1/2 camps this year. Our first camp is for children from the Dorohoi Orphanage. These children are no longer allowed to attend Christian camps and activities. But are told to be wise as serpents and gentle as doves……40 children and teens from the orphanage will come and to camp and experience God’s love.

For our next camp, we are taking 40 children from Stroiesti village and children from the special needs orphanage. The children attending this camp are children we work with on a regular basis, whether at Sunday school or in the orphanage. We have a full schedule of activities and Bible lessons.

Because of our scheduling, we are able to host a mini-camp for children from another orphanage that we have recently started working with. We are hoping to find local sponsors for this camp, but we may need your help as well.

Finally, we have English Camp. English camp is in partnership with Filadefia School. The children attending this camp are private pay. We are excited about this opportunity to provide a safe Christian environment and share the love of Jesus Christ while teaching English. We will be teaching English through Bible stories, Bible verses, songs and activities, and conversation. This camp will be in Vama because we will have 80 campers this year. We are asking for only 8 sponsors for this camp. We have selected 8 children who could really gain from this specific camp.

Each camp is 5 nights and 6 days (with the exception of our mini camp which is 3 night and 4 days). The cost of camp is $120 (the same as last year). That $120 provides one week of camp; 3 good meals (prepared by Bogdan and his kitchen crew) plus 2 snacks each day (this is more than they get at home); transportation to and from camp on the train; toiletry items; craft projects, game and sports time, prizes, solid Bible lessons twice a day, and a great team of Romanian and American believers to supervise and guide these young campers!

Camp dates are July1-July 20 2019. If you are interested in volunteering at one, two, or even three of our camps, please let us know. There is still space available.

Send your sponsorship to: My Brother’s Keeper, PO Box 11, Roxbury, PA, 17251 (Please put Stroiesti/Dorohoi Summer Camp 2018 in the memo line); For Paypal sponsorship go to (Mark for family and friends, so you don’t have to pay the fee!)

All sponsorship money must be received by June 1, 2019! Thank you!

Merry Christmas

Thank you for everything you do for us and the children in Romania! Merry Christmas!

Christmas boxes!

Over the weekend, we passed out well over 300 shoeboxes and backpacks!! We gave boxes to 6, yes 6 different orphanages!!!! We had 5 pizza parties with the children. We were joined by the Intensive English 5th grade class from the private Christian school. They performed two skits, including one about the the birth of our Savior, ,and Christmas carols. We ate well and also made Christmas tree ornaments. Bogdan dressed up as Father Christmas to take pictures with the children. What a thrill to bring such joy to the children!

On Sunday, we had our annual Christmas program in the village with over 100 children and teens. The snow kept many children home, but it was still a great day!

We still have some families to visit and boxes for the children at church!

Water play

My kids wanted to play with water, I don’t think this is what they had in mind! Hahahaha!

A Day on the Horse Farm

Today we took our special friends to a horse farm, Cai de Vis! We had a wonderful time! Little “V” can’t walk and can’t use his right hand, but he really wanted to ride on the horse. The joy on his face was so precious.

A sweet woman named Vasilica, who works at the farm coordinating groups, refused to let us pay for our time at the farm and for our lunch. She was a blessing to us and we pray that God will continue to bless her and her family! We took the kids and their carers out for ice cream on the way home with the money not spent and will be able to do an extra event with them.

I want to give a special thank you to the children at Gulfhaven Mennonite Church in Gulfport, Mississippi. During VBS this past June, they raised enough money to pay for the bus to take us all to the farm! Thank you Children!!! You are great!

Thank you to my sweet friend Anca who joined us and pushed “V” up all the hills and all over the farm in his wheelchair! You rock!!

We had a great time riding the horse, watching a mini horse show and playing in the forest. We were able to take all of the children out today, which isn’t always possible because of their disabilities. It was a great blessing to be able to do this! Cai de Vis is definitely on our list of places to go back to!!!!

Christmas Shoeboxes

It may only be August but we are busy planning Christmas! I have gotten about 120 children sponsored for Christmas boxes. I still have a handful of boys and girls over the age of 12,if any one is interested in sponsoring an individual child.

While we can and do pass out boxes for all ages, we are specifically in need of boxes for boys over the age of 12. I don’t know why, but the majority of those in the orphanages are teen boys. These boxes don’t need to be big. The boys are happy with toiletries with a body spray, cans of chips, snacks, a pack of cards, and of course, candy!

We have children of all ages, so boxes for boys and girls of all ages are welcome!

Here is the link to a short promo video. Feel free to share at church and on social media!