Kindergarten Graduation

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love a kindergarten graduation.  The kids are so cute! The kids sang songs and said poems, both in Romanian and in English and then ball room dancing (?)! This year, after their program the mommies served the children some lunch. So cute! There wasn’t an empty belly left.  Please note: trying to take pictures of 20 kindergarteners is like trying to herd cats. WOW!

DSCN9896 DSCN9911 DSCN9922 DSCN9960 DSCN9961

Last Day of Sunday School

We have finished another great year of Sunday School.  This year we focused on the life of Jesus!  Our last meeting was great.  We played some review games, including one where the kids had to remember verses they learned throughout the year. They did great.  See you in September! (HA!  like I won’t see them all summer….)


Teen Field Trip

The leader of our teen group, Andrei, along with Ana, Ancuta and Emi took 4 of our teens on a day long trip to Iasi which included a visit to a castle, the botanical gardens, and pizza and a concert at the new mall.  The teens had won a competition based on the book of Esther and this was their prize.  Thrilled to say I had NOTHING to do with this trip! Love it!  But I did want to share some of the fun activities our Teen Sunday School group was doing!

DSCN7729 DSCN7846