My life in Oradea

I’m sorry its taken so long to write again.  I lost internet in my apartment so i have to go to the PULS (pregnancy crisis center) to use the computer.   I’m hoping the internet connection will be fixed soon at my “casa.”

There are many little oddities about Romania.  For example:  I have to turn the light on the hallway of the apartment block and I have less than a min. to lock my door and get downstairs before the lights go out.  And  vise versa.  The tram drivers have to get out and change the tracks themselves at the tram stops…its not automated.  I see other things that are curious to me and I try to remember them, so that i can tell you about them.

Language lessons: I go to Ramona’s house everyday for 2 hours.  It takes 45 min. to get there.  She gives me about an hour or 2 worth of homework or “tema de casa” and then I have to watch tv in romanian or have conversations. I was getting really discouraged and frustrated, the last night God reminded me that I had only gone to 3 classes.  Then I though, “wow! I can already communicate and I already know a lot of words.”  So my discouragement turned in to encouragement. Praise the Lord.

Sunt incantata.  I am happy.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to post the pictures of my apartment soon.  All of the emails and comments are very encouraging.  Thank you.  (I had posted the wrong phone numbers; they are correct now.)  If anyone has a specific question, please ask.  It would be my pleasure to answer.

Lots of love from Romania.

4 Responses

  1. I’m so glad everything is going well! But what if you fell in the hallway on the way to your apartment? 😛

    If it helps, just remember how hard it is for me to speak Spanish – even though I can do it – I’ve been studying the language since I was 12! I even have a degree in it! LOL. You’ll pick it up very quickly, because you are living in it, but especially because you are so intelligent! 🙂

    My love back,


  2. Melissa,
    You all work together for those who love God. All these small different things all have a great purpose. I will continue to pray and I know Angles are all around.

  3. It is so good to hear you arrived safely and are ok.
    Donna and I miss you very much.
    We will be reading your blog to see how things are going for you.

  4. oh how i hear you on the language thing. i get aggravated to the nth degree most days with my italian & i have this internal battle in my head…”i’m giving up; no i’m not” going on all the time. but in the end God always puts a little nudge on my path to keep me going!

    you know that language learning is top on my prayer list for you right now, & your post reminds me to keep it there…

    i am amazed at how similar italian & romanian are…
    sunt incantata = sono contenta
    how cool is that!?!

    God bless from across the pond 😀

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