Kid’s Summer Camp

Calling all Superheroes!!  What a great time everyone had a camp this year. We changed locations–not the best idea–and we had 2 days of rain, but camp was still great. We had an amazing team of volunteers from our local church here in Romania and 4 young people from America!  We also had 4 of our teenagers from Stroiesti working in the kitchen.  We had 50 kids (including Olivia) at camp this year.  We learned about heroes of the Bible with the theme of superheroes. A very special thanks to New Harvest Church for sending all the craft projects and especially for making capes for all of the children. We even had enough to pass out to the children who came on Sunday for church at camp–the our local church camp to celebrate the Lord’s day with us! What a blessing!  The only problem we found with the capes, was that a couple of the little kids were disappointed when the capes didn’t make them fly! 🙂 Thank you to everyone who sponsored a child for camp. We are now preparing for teen camp next week! Pray for us!!

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