Easter in Stroiesti

We had a great Easter program the day after Easter.  The children had prepared songs and verses for the program.  Pastor Tibi and the choir from Diakonia Church in Suceava came and blessed us with music and great sermon–just the kids!  Enjoy these pictures!

A group snapshot before the program.
The kids were excited to get a small gift at the end of the program!
Pastor Tibi asks questions to see if the kids had paid attention to the sermon! They had!
The children had their own choir.
The Choir from Diakonia

An Easter visit to the Orphanage

Saturday, Bogdan and I went to an orphange about an hour from Suceava.  Bogdan had bought Easter gifts for each child and I helped prepare the packages, which included shoes, socks, pens, candy, cookies and the like.  The children no longer live in one huge building but in apartments where they make their own families.  It was a lovely day.  I was happy to visit with children that I had met before at camp and with the kids from Stroiesti.

Bogdan helps a little princess open her package.
(For privacy concerns, I’m not allowed to show the faces of the kids, but I’ll tell you, the smiles were huge!!!)
This little one was so happy to get his package!
We had a great time at the apartments and look forward to visiting the kids again soon!

Resurrection Eggs

While in the States, I bought a set of Resurrection Eggs for Stroiesti.  (Resurrection Eggs are a set of 12 plastic eggs with items related to the Easter Story.)  Using the items in the eggs and passages from the Bible, the kids were able to present the lesson for Sunday School.

The little ones got to open the eggs.


The big ones read passages from the Bible out loud.

  Then we celebrated April birthdays!

Little Alin and Veronica celebrate their birthdays (Alin needed help from his sister to hold his box.)


Happy Birthday Dana, Gabi and Florin!

Snow in April

I would never have believed it, if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes!  Snow in April.  Fortunately, it didn’t stick, but really!!  Snow in April.  So the winter coat has come back out of the closet, the long johns are back in rotation and the winter boots are again next to the front door.   As I write this, the snow has started again, and is pretty heavy, I wouldn’t be surprised if it started to stick (if it does I’ll be sure to take picutes).  I am grateful the city did not turn off the heat as planned in the middle of March.  We make the best of it.

So because it’s spring and it had been warm out, we started having Sunday School outside on the patio at the disco.  We finished up the wood for the wood stove a month ago.  Yesterday, we had a short lesson and finished in just over an hour.  The kids were sent home to get warm.  The kids are rehearsing for the Easter Program. The choir and Pastor  from Diakonia are planning to come and worship with us.  We have scheduled the program for April 25.  The second day of Easter.

Please pray for the children as they prepare for this program.  Pray that friends and family will come and hear God’s Word.  And Pray that spring comes back soon!!!