Summer Camp 2017

Summer camp 2017 was a huge success.  The campers learned the Beatitudes….Blessed are….  They made some great crafts, including beautiful bug pillows prepared by the wonderful folks at New Harvest Church.  The campers played all sorts of crazy games thanks to Regina and Jen. And our littlest campers were well taken care of and entertained by Lori, who came to us from PA.  I was blessed because my parents were able to join us.  My mom helped sew up pillows and my dad played guitar during worship time.  He taught the kids bluesy versions of “This Little Light of Mine” and “Kum-ba-ya.”   Alina, who is a purity presenter for MBK taught lessons and helped to translate for our American team.  Carmen, who is a teacher at the local Christian high school, also taught two lessons and did review games and prayer time after each lesson.

We had 65 campers and 8 teen leaders.  Two of our oldest campers decided they were “too old” to be campers and were given the job of taking pictures.  The two each borrowed a camera and took pictures of everything and everyone.  They took pictures of every group in every activity every day!  We ended up with over 5000 pictures.  I will now share just a small handful of those pictures!