What’s going on?!

I’m sorry it’s taken so long for me to update you all on the happening here in Suceava/Stroiesti.  Two weeks ago, we found out that the cold water would be shut off in our apartment building Oct 1st.  (Our hot water and heating was turned off August 1st.) So we were in a mad rush to get our house ready.  Last Thursday, I found out that the Mayor’s Hall (who owns the building) granted us another month.  For those of you who don’t already know, the water is being turned off because 5 of the 10 apartment haven’t paid their bills in a year or so.  And we all get punished for their debt.

Bogdan has finished working at the summer camp for the year and he and the guys did a lot of work on the house including finishing the painting and putting in the flooring. They installed lights and got the wood prepared for the winter.  But before Bogdan came home from camp, I spent 2 weeks painting and organizing at the house.  I had 2 girls from the village come and help me.  Diana took care of Matt and Emilia helped me paint. It was so nice to spend time with the girls.  I got a new perspective on our program from the girls.  The girls informed me that is was better not to give anyone birthday presents at Sunday School because too many kids come just the month of their birthdays and its wasn’t fair to the rest of them.  The girls shared a lot and I felt for the first time like a real mentor! Diana will be going into high school next  year and has a sponsor and Emilia still has 2 more years until high school.  It was just really nice to be with them.  And they enjoyed going through the clothes box and finding clothes for themselves, family members and neighbors.

I will be starting English lessons at school tomorrow mornings.  So that will be fun.  I have 4 kindergarten classes this year!  I think the 3 year old class will be very interesting!!!!!

Sunday school is going well. And we have been granted a second classroom so  the Teen class can meet without us coming in with the kids after an hour.  Our class sizes are smaller, but the teens and kids are more serious about the program and are the faithful attenders we have had for years (with new kids coming each week of course.)  Its so amazing to see the change in the kids.  The girls who use to lie about thier age to get into camp are now beautiful examples for the others.  We even had 2 girls recite memory verses in English this week.  I almost cried, seriously! God is so good.
We are hoping to move in this week, so please pray for us as we finish up and pack up! Many blessing to you all!

Starting School

Today is the first day of school here in Romania.  It was actually supposed to be Sept. 10th, but on the 7th it was announced that the schools and teachers complained they weren’t ready to start and the first day of school was pushed back to today. I won’t start English classes for yet another week, once the teachers have established their schedules for the students.

We started back with Sunday School yesterday.  We have started a new class for 7th grade and up.  Some of our 6th graders tried sneaking in, but we have to draw the line some where!

I passed out some school supplies only to run out quickly.  On the way home, we stopped and got 50 more notebooks; I’ll pass them out next Sunday.

Please pray for the kids this year for a successful school year!


Christmas Shoeboxes–Joy in a Box

Christmas shoeboxes coming from Wilmington, NC are due to my mom on Sept. 21.  Shoeboxes coming from Raleigh, NC are due on Sept 23rd.

Go to http://www.mbk.ro for more details and contact information for my mom, aka “most wonderful mom ever” or Annie.  You can, also,contact me and I’ll give you her info.
Thank you to everyone who has prepared boxes for the kids in Stroiesti and all over Romania!!!Image

Here are just some of the kids who will receive boxes at Christmas!