January Birthdays


Happy Birthday Maria, Ioana, Daniel and Gabriel!!!!!Happy Birthday to Maria, Ioana, Daniel and Gabriel!!!


This week, the kids have a week break because ‘ end of the semester at school.  So, I was thinking about what I did during my vacation time when I was a little girl.  My mom always let me have sleep-overs.  Three girls: Diana, Ana Maria, and Alina, were invited to spend the night.  Ana had only missed one Sunday School since August and Diana and Alina only 2.  The girls came over and took showers (re:lice) and we played games, ate lots of food including ice cream.  We made valentines and painted nails.  It was a very good time.  The girls were very excited and stayed up late (they usually go to bed at 8pm) and then were up at 6 am..  Sunday morning, they came to church with me in the city and after lunch we all went to the village for Sunday school.  It was really fun to have the girls over, but now I need to get some sleep!

Getting ready for bed

Snuggled in Bed!

Prayer Requests and Wish List

I have updated the Daily Prayer Request page, as well as the Wish List.  Please go to my website to access these lists.  Please feel free to pass them on to others!  Thanks.

Pictures from Christmas

The Christmas Play went very well.  The Culture Hall was very cold but people still came and all the seats were filled. Parents who usually don’t come to events came to see their kids in play.  Many of the kids I work with, are considered from the wrong side of the tracks and don’t get much credit, but it was those kids who were staring in the play with “the American girl”.  A children’s choir came and performed and even brought hand bells.  A visiting pastor shared a short gospel message. It was a wonderful program and my kids were the stars!  They looked so cute in their costumes.  I was so busy that I wasn’t able to get many picutes.  
 We were worried that there wouldn’t be enough boxes for all the children there, but like the loaves and fishes, the boxes seemed to multiply and there were even a few extra.  My friend, Ana, who is my partner in crime in the village, told me about a very poor family from her church. We had enough boxes to take to them.  The family was so grateful for the Christmas packages.

One of Herod's Soldiers

The Christmas play...It was very cold!

Passing out Christmas boxes to a poor family

Very happy children!

Back in the swing of things

It is so great being back in Suceava and back into the village.  Last week, I went back to school and saw all my kids.  They were happy to see me, but they weren’t happy reviewing vocabulary. I told them, they can’t learn English unless they learn their vocabulary.  (And that if they learned their vocab we could play games with the words!)

I visited some of the families and had great conversations with them all.  Parents told me how the kids had been waiting for me to return.  I visited with Bogdan and Diana and found that their father returned early from Portugal.  The weather had been bad there and prevent the men from working for 3 weeks, so they came back to Romania.  It was a successful trip.

Sunday school was great. Not all the kids heard that Sunday School was back, so we only had about 19 kids.  There was also a funeral in the village and some of the kids like to go to the funeral to get candies etc.  But it was a good day at Sunday school.  We started learning about Moses.  The children paid lots of attention thanks to the new flannel board set! 

So things are going well.  There is a lot of snow on the ground and I’m getting more confident driving on the snowy/icy roads in the village. I’m very grateful for my winter tires.  My Southern Friends and Family…YOU HAVE NO IDEA!   

This weekend its supposed to get to about -4 fahrenheit so pray we are able to stay warm!

That last bit of packing…

My little niece....and I could have gotten away with it....

I know this has nothing to do w/ the ministry here in Romania, but it was such a funny picture I had to share it with all of you!

I’m back

I was welcomed back to Romania with a lovely fresh snowfall.  So pretty.

My travels back were fine and much quicker only 18 hours this trip. I stayed in Ploiesti with choir director Eduard and family before returning to Suceava.  It was a blessing to be able to get a good night sleep before taking the train north.  My friend picked me up from the train station and helped with my very heavy bags. 

I’m looking forward to seeing my kids on Sunday! Thank you for your prayers.

Returning to Romania

Armed with a new computer and 3 suitcases, I’ll be flying back to Romania tomorrow, Tuesday.  I’ll fly from Wilmington to Philly to Frankfurt and then Bucharest.  In Bucharest, Eduard, the choir director will pick me up at the airport. I may spend some time with Eduard and family before heading back to Suceava on the train. 

 Sunday school will start back this coming Sunday.  I’m excited to get back to my kids in Romania.  I have enjoyed my time here with friends and family and especially getting to know Baby Eva.

Thank you to everyone who blessed me while I have been here in Wilmington.  I was overwhelmed by your kindness and love.