Monthly prayer requests

October’s daily prayer request list has been posted.  Please print this out and pray for all of us here in Romania! The list can be found under the “daily prayer request” tab on my website!  Thank you!

Teaching and Potatoes

I really enjoyed my first week at the school in Stroiesti.  I’ve had really good classes. I’m getting to know the teachers in the elementry school and they are really helpful.  I’m totally in love with the Kindergarten class.  Nothing is cuter than 6 year olds going “up, up, up” and standing on tippy toes, then saying “down, down, down” until they touch the floor!  So cute.  The older kids are eager to learn more and are going to keep me on my toes!

I had a tutoring session with one of the older girls on Friday afternoon.  And have plans to meet with her again next Friday.  She is one of the girls I would love to help to go to high school next year.

I grew up in the suburbs and when I wasn’t in the ‘burbs, I was in a city.  This weekend, I had my first experience of actually working on a farm.  It wasn’t too bad. After school on Friday, I went with my friend, Misha, to her Grandfather’s farm in a village nearby.   Grandfather is 84 years old and still does a lot of the work on the farm.  Her mother lives there too and hadn’t been feeling, so we thought we could help.  There was a lot of work to do.  We cut the tops off of sugar beets (I forgot to take a picture of them).  The sugar beets had been dug up and left in the field.  After we cut the tops off, the beets were loaded into a wagon pulled by the horse closer to the barn.  The sugar beets (about the size of an eggplant, but looks like a mutated carrot) are used to feed the animals in the winter.  They will be put into a hole in the ground and dug us a needed throughout the winter. 

Next we started sorting potatoes: big potatoes for people, medium for seeds next years, small and slightly rotten for the animals, very rotten in the trash.  Doesn’t sound too hard, does it?  It’s not.  It’s nice mindless work, but we were soar after sorting for 2 days.  And there is still more to do. 

I swear that pile of potatos was growing!

I swear that pile of potatoes was growing!

Sunday School was great this week.  Brother Florin has agreed to come every week and he will bring cookies and chocolate bars for the kids.  A young woman named, Ana will help translate when needed and help with lessons.  There are 2 more girls who will be able to come most weeks.  It’s very exciting to have a team dedicated to working with the kids at the church.  We also started learning the “Our Father” in  English.  The children know this prayer in Romanian and its something they wanted to learn in English.  Now if I can get them to only say “Father” and not “Fadder,” I’ll be a happy camper.

This week, we celebrated the September birthdays: Ana and Bogdan.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

My First Day of School

My first day of school was pretty good.  There was some confusion as to where I was to have my first class.  You see there is a shortage of classrooms, so the kids go to school in shifts.  There wasn’t a free classroom for me.  I ended up waiting and took over the first grade class that had gone to gym class.  The teacher agreed for me to take her class each week. 

I started with second grade B.  In Stroiesti, the kids are divided in to class A and class B.  The kids in class A tend to be quicker learners and better behaved than the kids in class B.  We all know they do the same thing in the States; it’s just not as obvious.  Anyways, I had 2ndB first.  All 15 kids showed up.  There school day starts at noon, but they all came one hour early for English class.  This is an optional class, so I was excited that some may kids came.  Of course, some of the little boys were giggly and talked to themselves, but for the most part the kids stayed calm and paid attention.  The only child who gave me any problems was one from camp.  I was really surprised, since he was also so good at camp.  I think he was showing off for all his friends.  I was able to complete my lesson.

Next, I had 2nd A.  English class is at the end of their day.  Only 5 girls stayed after for English class.  The girls were so sweet and picked up really quickly.  They even asked for more words.

After school, I paid some visits to my families.  I had heard rumors that some of the kids had dropped out of school. I went to talk to them.  I discovered that Nicoleta, who is 13, is not in 8th grade like she told me, but 5th grade.  She has dropped out because she is older than the other kids. She’s had to repeat the 5th grade.  I told her that I had to repeat the second grade, hoping to encourage her.  I told her that for me repeating a grade was a good thing. Nicoleta’s mom wants to her to be in school, too.  Please pray that she will change her mind and start going to school again. Nicoleta’s younger siblings are all in school and I saw them all at the school today, so that was encouraging.

In another family, the kids told me they were going to go to school in another village and will stay with their sister during the week. They said they will take the bus.    To be honest, I don’ t know if  I believe them, school started 2 weeks ago.  Please pray that they will actually go to school.  In one family of 7 or 8 kids, only the 3rd grader is going to school.  The littlest should be in Kindergarten but just cried, so she stays home now.  It’s so sad and breaks my heart.  Please pray for these kids.  I will continue to show up to see if they are going to school. 

I love seeing the kids in their little uniforms.  They ask me when I’m coming to their class.  It’s really sweet.  Please continue to pray for these children and for me as I start this new part of my ministry.

School time

Today, I went to the school in Stroiesti to find out the schedule for my English classes.  I will have classes Tuesday through Friday.  I’ll have a total of 154 kids each week, but since the classes are optional this number is sure to decrease.  Each grade has 2 classes and I will work with each class once a week.  The goal is to teach them basic vocabulary and verbal skills so that the English teacher can focus more on grammar.  Please pray for me as I start this new project.  I’m very intimidated by it and even a bit scared.  However, I’m excited to have the opportunity to work with more kids in the village!


I had a wonderful time in the city of Ploiesti visiting with Eduard.  It was wonderful to see what other ministries are doing here in Romania.  I was able to attend a couple of Eduard’s choir rehearsals and visit the children in an orphanage where he has started a children’s choir.  Eduard and I were able to take 5 of these children on a field trip.  It was so wonderful to be able to spend time with them. We had planned to take them to a salt mine but it was temporarily closed.  We ended up going to the salt factory to buy some salt for the orphanage (100kg for less than $8).  We then went to the top of a mountain where the rocks are many colors: light green, dark green, yellow, pink, white, blue, and brown.  We ended the day in the park where we had something to eat before taking the kids home. 

Playing in the salt

Playing in the salt

Climbing rainbow mountain!

Climbing rainbow mountain!

The next day, Eduard, 3 girls from one choir and I went to visit the castle of King Carol I.  He was the first king of Romania.  I learned a lot of Romanian history and more about how the government was before communism.  This was a great day of fellowship and encouragement for all.  We were all very tired at the choir rehearsal that evening.

Peles in Sinaia

Peles in Sinaia

On Thursday, Eduard took me to the prison where he has started a men choir.  We were joined by another long term  missionary (from New Orleans) and violinist from Kansas City.  The inmates really enjoyed singing and the violin concert.  Two men joined the choir this week.  They had known there was a choir, but did not know it was a Christian choir.  These 2 men are currently serving a 10 year sentence.  They gave their lives to Jesus while in prison.  They were so excited to find out that a Christian man come each week and teaches them Christian songs. They are so encouraged by this and the men even asked to pray at the end of the rehearsal.  

Please pray for Eduard and his ministry.  It is truly wonderful to see how God is using different organizations around Romania to further His Glory!

To Ploiesti

Tomorrow, while the kids are starting a new year of school, I’ll be on the train to Ploiesti.  It is the home of a choir ministry that has worked with MBK in the past.  Since I won’t start until next week at the school, I thought it would be a good time to see this part of the ministry.  Please pray for safe travels and good fellowship with Eduard (the choir director) and his family.  He has planned programs in orphanages, a prison and some churches.  Please pray for hearts to be turned to God through Eduard and his music ministry.

Getting Ready for School

This afternoon three teen girls, a nurse and I  helped 6 families get ready for school. I lost count of the number of kids we worked with…oops.  We were in the village for 5 hours and I was impressed how hard the team worked.  We scrubbed hands, feet and faces.  We checked for lice and then deloused.  I took shoes too small for kids at camp and passed them out to the iddy-biddies.  We passed out school supplies and backpacks.  It was a great time and a true time to serve the people of the village.  We had a nurse with us who took the opportunity to check boo-boos and give vitamins to the families. One volunteer and some of the kids took the pictures.    Enjoy the pictures, the captions will explain much more! 

School Prayer Requests

Tomorrow, there will be a group of us going into the village armed with laundry wash tubs, soap and lice shampoo.  We will be visiting 5-6 families in the afternoon to help them prepare for school, which starts on Monday.  After cleaning, we will pass out school supplies.  Please pray that we will be able to truely help the families in the village and will be a light in the village.  When they ask us why we are there, pray that God will give us the best answers.  Also, pray for warm weather and no rain!

While I was in the States in the Spring, I had prayer cards for individual kids and each child has many people praying for them.  Four of these kids will be going into the 8th grade, which is the last grade available in the village.  Please pray for these children: Maria, Sylvia, Andrei, and Nicoleta (there were 2 Nicoleta’s…not the little one).  Pray that they will study hard and will qualify to go to high school next fall.  Pray that we will find sponsors for these kids if they want to go on to high school.  Pray that their families and friends will provide them with emotional support to further their education.

Finally, please pray for the all the children as they start school on Monday!

Thank you for your prayers!

Update from Ramona

You may remember my language tutor from last winter, Ramona.  She moved to Africa this past spring to be with her husband.  This is what Ramona writes:

the people at his office deprived him of a lot of money(leave allowance, contribution, deduction), so we can’t trust them anymore. they have an offer for him, as a consultant, but they keep procrastinating the meeting where they are supposed to agree on the fee. they mock him, by calling him for a meeting,and when he is there, they cancel it, they promise to call him on phone, but it never happened. they actually don’t want him to go, but also they are very stingy. they want cheap things. the increases they promised in june never took place and the salary for august, when he actually did a lot of work for them, wasn’t payed. so it was a hard time for us, thinking what to do, what would be the best option for us, so instead of paying rent for several month here, at a rate of $600/month, we decided to go to romania, until he gets a new job.

Ramona and her son Crystal will arrive on September 8 in Oradea. Her husband, Remember, will follow them soon after. Ramona specifically  asked that I share this with you all and has asked for your prayers. Please pray for safe travels and that Remember will soon get a job.

Only in Romania

Ok, so I took these pictures from my balcony and I just had to share them.  I missed the best shots because I had to run to get the camera.  But what you are looking at is a station wagon sitting on top of a wagon being pulled by a horse.  A kid is sitting on the hood of the station wagon. I love it! (Click on the pictures to make them bigger!)