Wish List!

Here is a a wish list for items that can be easily sent for the kids in Stroiesti.  For larger items or bulk, please send them to the MBK office. These items will then be shipped (usually twice a year) via cargo ship.

Camp Needs:
Lice Shampoo
First Aid Kits

For the Kids:
Toys (new and used) for the Kindergartens in the village
Children’s and teen winter coats

Pipe cleaners
Blue Tack
Cardstock-any color
Craft Projects
White Glue
Bible Story Posters/visual aids
Kids’ Bandaids
Bible Coloring Books
Flavored coffee (small packets) for the teachers and custodians at the Stroiesti School
Last updated Feb. 2016

2 Responses

  1. Melissa,
    Today, I have mailed an art project for the kids and I hope it reaches you in the promised 3 weeks, but please confirm if you receive it.
    Also, it would be easier to communicate with you if I had your email address.

  2. Hello Melissa,
    I am Megan Robertson’s mom. First congratulations on your recent engagment. Second, I am a principal at an elementary school in NC. I am interested in getting my students involved in getting materials for you and your work. I would also like to get your group and my school together on Skype, but am unsure about time differences. I think this would be a really great enlightening experience for my students. We collected for our local food shelter the entire school year last year and feel I would like to take it a step further. Megan has told me some about your work. Please contact me and let’s see what we can do, even if it is just writing. Several of my fifth grade students said they would love to write, with the language barrier, I am sure that we can work something out. I hope this is something you would be interested in as well. Again, congratulations on your uncoming wedding and let me know how we can get involved. I have included my school website so you can see I am for real.
    Amy Musten

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