Birthday Surprises

One of our Christmas sponsors admited he may have been “a little” excessive in his Christmas shopping for twin 7 year boys.  He said that he had gotten a lot of school supplies so I should open up the FOUR not shoeboxes and pull what the boys would need for school in September.  Ok, good idea!

Then I found out that they had a birthday in December. I was able to make up a fun birthday box for the boys, a school box for September, and of course two boxes for Christmas.

We were able to take cake and presents to the boys last night. What a joy for them (and their younger brother!) There was much discussion about the last time any of them had eaten cake, so it was great to share it with them! It was nice to see the big smiles on their faces. dscn6760dscn6766

PS. Now don’t go gettin’ any ideas about crazy excessive boxes for multiple events…who has time to do that for 200 kids?? 🙂

Fun times at Sunday School

Here are some of photos of the fun and crazy things, we do at Sunday school. Of course, when I do the most insane things, like bring buckets of sand to make bricks during the lesson of Exodus 5, I forget to take pictures. But you get the idea of the fun we are having and the stuff we are learning!


Christmas Shopping

One of my favorite things to do each year is take children from the orphanage shopping. Some of my favorite sponsors  came up with this idea a few years ago and others have joined them. This year, we have take 7 children/teens shopping and have 3 more to take later on in December.  Each child is given the equivalent of $50 and taken shopping,  but based on prices etc…think of it as taking a kid to Walmart and giving them $200 and say….”get what you need and what you want!!! ” Unlike most American kids I know, these kids are first after new shoes, coats, underwear and socks, clothes, shampoo, school supplies and then they head to the toy aisle.  We also give them an one kilogram bag of candy to share with the others with their apartment group home family.  It is such a blessing for these children! Thank you!!!