Camp is over, but summer is still here!

We just finished up 3 weeks of camp! That is 20 days! Plus a presentation at church with 40 some of those who came to camp. We had over 200 campers and teen helpers. We had 12 Americans, half of whom stayed for more than one week! We had a wonderful couple from Scotland. We had 10 very hard working and dedicated ladies who came with children from 6 different orphanages. And we had 11 amazing women, all of whom I call friends, who volunteered their time and helped with so much at camp; whether they were in the kitchen or translating or teaching, they were ready to go! And one pretty great husband cooking for us all! I could NOT have done camp without all of those involved. Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who sponsored campers. At the last minute, the exchange rate got very good and we have extra money ( of course the exchange rate went back down) for field trips and events for the rest of the summer and fall.

I experienced some new things in camp this year. Including a short lived stomach virus that was passed on to everyone over the course of 2 weeks; but hey, at least the kids learned to share!

I was so happy with my teens from Stroiesti . They were hard workers and brought with them skits and songs for the younger campers. They made me proud!

Peer pressure can be good when the water slide is involved! And leading worship for 3 weeks is an excellent way to loose weight!

Sneaking Jesus into camp lessons for children from the state orphanage wasn’t hard at all! We got to share the gospel with children one on one and in groups. Everyone left with a New Testament or Christian outreach magazine.

We got to meet so many new people and to visit with new friends. Only one kid blew his last chance at camp and won’t be returning; for the safety of everyone it is the right decision.

Thank you to everyone for making camp possible! God bless you!!