Last day of Sunday School

We have finished Sunday school for this school year.  It was a great year.  We had unprecedented attendance.  We had a great team that came from 4 different churches in the city.  We had 2 different churches make special visits.  We had our first Easter program and our best Christmas program this year.  Thank you to everyone who sponsored us, sent us treats, and prayed for us. 

Birthday Wishes!

Thank you to everyone who sent happy birthday wishes to me.  I did not feel forgotten!

Sunday, Bogdan called a couple of the kids in the village, so that when we arrived for Sunday School, the kids had flowers and cards for me. They also made a poster for me and put it on the car. It was  lovely.

Bogdan’s family came in from Italy and so we were able to spend time with his family and my mom for my birthday.

With Bogdan's Family (and our buddy Florin)

Watch Our Wedding Live!!!

June 4th 2011 at 5am eastern standard time, you can watch us get married! (You can watch the wedding later, too!)

Funny Picture

During a lesson about clothing in English class, I had the kids dress up.  They loved it and thought it was so funny.

Strike a pose!

What is a missionary?

For the past 3 weeks, this was the topic of Sunday School.  Next week, our last meeting for the school year, Lord willing we will have a local pastor who helps train missionaries come and talk to the kids.

Ana taught 2 lessons on Amy Carmichael.  The Monday after the lesson, the kids were talking to me about Amy Carmichael at school.  That has never happened before.  The kids also wrote letters to Rebeca-a missionary in Africa who was also a leader at camp last year.

Last Sunday, I printed out pictures of mission work through Samaritan’s Purse.  The kids were in pairs and they discovered different activities that missionaries do and then presented them to the rest of the kids. 

Missionaries help in disasters.


Missionaries pray for the people they are working with.

New Mailing Address

Str. Putna 22
Bl. A5, Sc. A , Ap. 2


Spring has finally come to Suceava.  It was really cold the past week and there was even snow in the mountains where we will have our wedding.  Last fall, I said, if there is rain on our wedding day, it won’t matter it will still be a perfect day and I joking said, even if there is snow, it will be a perfect day.  I never thought there would be snow in May… So I’m praying there won’t be snow June 4th.

Sunday School is going well. The kids are earning their final points for camp and ask me all the time if they are going to camp.  They are so excited. The kids and teens are learning their verses and still love to sing!

English classes in Stroiesti are going well.  Many of the students have spring fever, so the class sizes are smaller. But those who remain for English lessons are more serious about learning and I have found we can move faster.

In general the families in Stroiesti are doing well.  Folks are working in the fields planting the crops.  One family brought home a new baby last week and another family announced there is a baby on the way.

Bogdan and I have been making preparations for the wedding as well as preparing his apartment for us both. Bogdan and I are  having a good time preparing a home together. Over the weekend, we put cabinets in the kitchen (kitchens here don’t come with cabinets!) and did some major cleaning.  We have found we have a lot of the same stuff and who needs 2 toasters??  So items like this are getting packed up for the future center in Stroiesti and other items are being given away. I am currently washing clothes that will be given to the kindergarten teachers to pass out to their students. These childern are too small to go to summer camp and the teachers know better than anyone else who needs the clothes most. 

Please remember us in your prayers.