Misperceptions about Missionaries

I did not write this, but it hits the nail on the head!   Except Number 6 on part 2–I actually love going to churches and sharing about what is going on in the ministry.  I do I think I even had some misperception about other missionaries! 🙂   Basically, we are here because God called us to be here, “but alas, [most missionaries], remain, to the end of the chapter, just plain human–intensely, uncomfortably, painfully, horribly human.” (Red Blossoms, by I.B. Rose, 1927)

Misperceptions about Missionaries Part 1

Misperceptions about Missionaries Part 2



Christmas Boxes

I wrote this blog post two months ago and just realized it was never published. It’s out of date, but there is a blessing in it, I’m sure.


The boxes have arrived.

I was told this fall that I was crazy.  Not really a surprise, because most people think I’m a bit odd. In this situation, I had asked for 350 Christmas Shoeboxes.  Why so many? This was way more than we had ever needed before. I wanted to give boxes to the children in orphanage. So with a leap of faith I said-I need 350 boxes.  The MBK US staff, said “that’s good, but we can’t send you that many boxes and leave others without.”  I get that. But I have faith.

That is where our AMAZING  sponsors came in.  I’ve counted and calculated…and although I can’t get an exact number, we have like 370 boxes. And almost all of those were made specifically for the children in our programs. God is great.

About 100 boxes were sponsored for specific children and teens. We have boxes from California, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas, North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Our boxes came from many churches, dentist offices, Bible studies, a high school drama class,  the Office of Administrative Hearings in Raleigh, home school groups, families, and individuals.

About 2 weeks before the deadline, I found out that 30 new teenage boys were transferred to the orphanage. I knew we didn’t have enough teen boy boxes to cover them. I sent out call for more boxes. The folks at New Hanover Church and Wilmington homeschooling families, as well as my sweet cousin, Meghan’s Bible study group, came through with well over 45 teen boy boxes. Some of those boxes were huge too!! We ended up with the exact number of teen boy boxes needed.  How amazing is our God that He cares about the details–so that teen boys can get good Christmas boxes. We serve a great God!

We also received comfort care packages from Target/Red Cross. We used these boxes to make packages for the 12 guys who are 18+ living at the orphanage–these guys are in college or are special needs.

We have enough boxes to give to the 14 children at the special needs orphanage near us. We have enough boxes to share joy of Christmas.

We received toys and games for the kindergarten and lots of clothes that have yet to be sorted!

This blog is a little scattered, but I’m a little scattered right now…I mean, I have so many boxes at my house!!  But this is all to say, Thank you. Thank you for taking the time to bless the children and teens here in Romania, and for blessing us. We love you and could not do even half the things we try to do without our sponsors. Thank you!



A blessing

A local business woman gave us a large sum of money, which is 4 months wages for an average Romanian or 2 weeks for an average American.  It was for the children in the village, to get stuff they needed/wanted.  I asked them what they wanted and then went shopping. I don’t know how many stores I looked in, but we ended up getting everything at 3 different stores.  It was crazy. The kids got winter boots, gym shoes, football (soccer) shoes, warm up suits, school art supplies, and one kid got a back pack.  The teens opted to use the money for the dentist or for clothes shopping. I still have to take some shoes and warm up suits back and exchange them or other sizes, but here are some fun pictures.  Thank you to the wonderful woman, who saw a need and just wanted the children to have some joy this winter!  (And now none of our kids have a reason to get kicked out of gym class for not having a warm up suit!)