New Pictures

Ana sent these pictures from last Sunday.  In one, you will see 2 adults standing to the side.  These are 2 of our parents.  They are responsible for keeping the fires going each day at the school including weekends and winter break.  If we were not meeting in the school, they wouldn’t be coming to each our meetings on Sunday.  Isn’t it great how God opened this door for them to hear about His Son with their children!!! Here is just a cute picture of one of the kids!

Sunday School Update

We have been gone for 2 weeks and Ana has Sunday School under control and thriving! The week before coming to the States, we were able to start having Sunday school in the public school in the village.  We were thrilled to be able to have Sunday School, esp after all the political hoops I had to jump through to get us in there! So now we have a warm, safe, comfortable place to meet. 

Here are some great pictures Ana sent from this past week. The kids are rehearsing for the Christmas play.  Please pray for all of them as they prepare for Christmas and especially for Ana, Ancuta, Giani, Florin and the rest of the team as they work with the kids in Stroiesti.

Worship Time

Fly to America

We plan on leaving Suceava on Monday night and drive through the night to the airport in Bucuresti.  (We have a friend who will drive us the 7 hours.) Our flight is at 7am.  We have a stop in Germany before landing in DC, where my wonderful parents will hopefully be waiting for us.  We will drive to Wilmington for a couple of days before heading to PA to do some fundraising. 

Please pray for safety, our health, for Baby Ghitun, and no lost luggage!  Thanks.

Praise the Lord

We have gotten permission to use the school in Stroiesti for Sunday School. The rent is less than last year’s rent at the disco and will include someone making the fire for us and then sweeping after wards!! The caretaker at the school is the mother of 3 of our kids, so she has agreed to come each week to play security guard.  And she has to make a fire in each classroom everyday, anyway in the winter.  It’s a good opportunity for her to make a little extra money for her family.  I had to get contracts signed by the School Board and Ana will have to get a final contract signed by the mayor of Stroiesti, but its all worth it to have such a nice place to for Sunday school. Praise the Lord we got this space!!!