Wedding Video

I had not planned to post anything else about the wedding, but today we received the link to our “wedding trailer”–like a movie trailer, it’s short and sums up the whole day!  Bogdan has  a friend who shoots wedding videos, so we were really happy to have him make this great trailer.  I hope you enjoy it.

Summer Camp

Summer camp was great fun.  We had no internet so that why you got no updates.  We did however have 48 kids–some from Stroiesti, some from the orphanage, and 5 from other cities and villages. We also had a great team–Romanian and American.  We had Bible lessons from the book of Daniel twice a day,

swim time at the river,

 hikes up a mountain,

and to end the week we had a Masked Ball.

 It was great.

The last morning of camp all of the kids got Bibles.  They are beautifully illustrated children’s Bibles, from the Bible League.  One of our friends in Dorohoi was able to get someone to donate the money to purchase these Bibles.

Thank you to everyone who donated supplies, costumes, and clothes for camp.  Also thank you to everyone who sponsored a child for camp.  And thank you to everyone who prayed for us.

Romania Through New Eyes

One of the girls from the American team has been writing this great blog.  I’ve been here in Suceava for over 2 years and in Romanian even longer than that, so I’ve become a bit jaded and even a bit blind to some things.  There are many things that seem so common place to me, that really shouldn’t be.

I encourage you to read some of the blog postings.  For me, they were a great reminder of why I am here and what God has called me to do.

Team Adventures


Painting the fence at “Tanti’s” house


I’m sorta pressed for time right now, but I wanted to share some pictures of what the team has been doing here in Romania.  We went to the orphanage and had a great day with them.  We have been doing some work for an elderly lady in the village as well.  We are preparing for camp.  The teams hasn’t blinked an eye when asked to pack clothes, count applesauce jars, or even clean out dead mice (in the village!)  They are troopers and I’m blessed to have them here!

Crab walk anyone? We loved playing games at the orphanage.


I put blurry pictures on purpose, to protect the identity of the kids in the orphange.

off to camp on Sunday!

You too can play Duck, Duck, Goose with over 50 kids!

Please continue to pray for us as we prepare for camp.  We leave on Sunday.

Summer Camp Prayer Requests

A team from America arrives today (Saturday) in Bucuresti and I will meet them tomorrow at church.  They are from Precious Life in Altoona, PA.  They will be here for a week doing projects in Stroiesti.  WE have  day planned at the orphanage in Dorohoi and a little field trip for kindergarteners from our Sunday school program. Then we have summer camp!

The weather has been really cold and rainy.  It’s about 20 degrees colder than it was the first part of June.  Most of the service project we have are outside. Please pray for good weather, at least dry!

Please pray for our summer camp: for the American team and the Romanian team; for the 22 kids from Stroiesti, 20 kids from Dorohoi, and the 5 kids from other areas; for our teen camp;  for the folks working in the kitchen; for the teaching.  Please pray for open hearts.  Pray the team and leadership has wisdom and direction from God. Please pray for good tempers and patience.  And for good weather!!!