Our family is currently on furlough in the US!  During this time, we will be traveling from Pennsylvania to Texas, if your church, small group, community organization, school etc is internested in having us speak about the ministry or the Romanian culture in general, please contact us. We would also like to visit with as many friends and sponsors as possible, so please contact us!

And this little blessing with be joining our family in May!


Christmas 2016

I know I am late, but I have many good reasons to be so late reporting on Christmas. First of all, we had almost 400 shoeboxes to give out in 10 different locations. My husband then worked 13 days over Christmas and New Year’s at the camp. The kids and I joined him for Christmas, only to be knocked down with a horrid cold virus–Matt was sick for 2 weeks, me for almost that long and Olivia….she ended up with the sniffles (HOW???).  Once we got back home it was time to prepare and pack for our furlough.  We are now in North Carolina on furlough. The kids and I will be here until July, but Bogdan will go back in June because his visa only gives him 6 months, and he already has a number of camps scheduled.  So, now you know why these photos are so late, but please enjoy all the happy faces!!

We delivered boxes to a number of families whose children participate in our summer camps. These children are often in villages too far from us to participate in our activities on a regular basis, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get Christmas boxes. There were 5 different villages to go to!


This year, we had another full house at our Stroiesti Christmas party.  With everything going on, we did not prepare a play, however, the very talented children from our church, Diakonia, presented their Christmas play for us.  The village kids were so well behaved and paid attention and so did their parents. I was happy to see so many mom and new faces. I pray some of these children will join our Sunday School classes. Our mentoring teens were a huge help and organized the boxes and helped pass them out. I love my teens!



Next, we were joined by a wonderful couple from Pennsylvania.  They came with me to the special needs orphanage. They were shocked at the wonderful conditions and caring staff. I loved how they got on the floor and played with the children! This wonderful couple also bought pizza, cake and juice for all the children and staff.  It was a special treat for them!  Back in August, I had gone to the orphanage and spoke with the “moms” and they gave me great insight as to what the children needed. Each one got a box that was made just for them and their specific needs!  The staff had never seen such perfect boxes.  YEAH!!!!


Our last big event was the Dorohoi orphanage. Our sweet friend in Texas sent Christmas lollipops and a Christmas stocking craft, along with money for pizza! The restaurant provided soda for all the kids! There are 134 kids and teens in the orphanage. Some of them still had school, or had already left for the Christmas break to stay with families, but boxes were saved for them.

We had a few boxes left over and I was able to pass them out to the children on our street and they even brought over a family in need and we were able to bless those children who would have nothing under the tree Christmas morning.

We were very blessed this Christmas time. We were able to give each child a booklet with the story of Jesus–the most precious gift! We received boxes from Texas, Mississippi, North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.  The children were full of smiles and joy as they felt loved from people they never met.  Thank you and God bless you!