Praise the Lord!  We have 52 kids sponsored for camp!  This is amazing. We are able to take some teenagers with us to help out in the kitchen and experience camp now!  I can’t believe it.  I was excited with 46 kids.  I’m in constant awe of our God!!!

If you have sponsored a child, remember you can write a letter to your child.  Due date is June 15th.

Thank you!!!


****It will take a few days to get all the new pictures up so please bear with me!

Village Church

So you may remember that we used to have Sunday School in the practically abandoned church in Stroiesti.  This was the same church that didn’t want us because we worked with the poorest kids and didn’t target more well off and influential families.  This is the church that moved us to a smaller room with no heater.  That is when we left.  Our numbers increased when we left the church.  And I later heard the pastor regretted chasing us away and wanted us back.  By that point, we had gotten permission to have our Sunday school in the public school..

This is the same church that is now having worship services every week!!!  The church hadn’t had weekly services in as long as most can remember.  And who do you think makes up the majority of the attendees? Our kids!!!  The same children who were chased out are now going to church in their own village.  No more do they have to go into the city for church.  The children don’t get any points or anything for attending; they just go to worship God.  Last week, the kids got up and sang for everyone.  Right now, attendance is less than 20.  But the little children are leading!

The pastor for the church is a village pastor and travels to many different churches, so our dear friend and long time volunteer Brother Florin, who is an ambulance driver, arranges for guest preachers to come.  He also goes to the church in Stroiesti instead of going to a closer one in the city.   It is so wonderful to have a church in the village.  Bogdan and I hope to visit it soon. I have prayed that the kids coming to Sunday School now would be come leaders and light in the village and we are starting to see that. Please continue to pray for the “new” church and all of those involved!

Almost There!!!

We are so excited!  We have 46 campers sponsored!  46!  I can’t believe it. Only 4 more campers and we will reach our goal!

Remember there is still time to write a letter to you camper. Don’t forget to put in a photo of your family or pet.  You can even put in some stickers or sticks of gum!


Thank you to everyone who has sponsored a camper!  This is going to be a great summer camp!

Florin Graduates!

Today, we were honored to be present at Florin’s graduation.  As many of you, Florin is one of our amazing volunteers.  He grew up with Bogdan.  What many of you don’t know, is that he was sick earlier this year, and was in the hospital for a couple of weeks.  But despite that, he was able to finish his degree.  He got a degree in “Grocery engineering”–ya, I didn’t know what that was either.  It’s the engineer who check the food in the factories, to make sure is safe to eat and general quality control of all food and drink.  We are really proud of Florin and pray for his continued success!

Baby Dedication

We had Baby Dedication number 2 yesterday evening at Marantha Baptist Church here in Suceava.  I still don’t have pictures from Baby Dedication number 1 at Church on the Cape in Wilmington, but hopefully, I’ll remember to harass my mom into sending them to me. 🙂

The service was really nice.  The pastor used the opportunity to give an excellent sermon about Matthew–or Matei in Romanian because of Matt’s name. Our friend, Pavel, gave a short sermon as well.  And Alina, the lady who sang at our wedding, sang a couple of songs for us as well.  It was a great way to spend my first Mother’s Day as a mom!

Until  I get some pictures from the US,  here are a couple of  pictures that Florin took:


We arrived well

Greetings from Romania!  We arrived in Suceava Friday evening.  The flights were good; Matt was great on the flights and barely cried.

Sunday, we surprised almost everyone when we arrived at Church.  Most didn’t know when we were coming back. However, the kids in Stroiesti knew we were coming and had a special treat waiting for us.  The kids decorated the hall and classroom with balloons and threw confetti and lit a firework (like on our wedding cake) when we walked through the door!  The kids brought flowers and homemade cards.  It was so wonderful to see all of my kids again.  They all loved Matt and prayed for him during prayer time.  Of course, this was the first Sunday in months when no had a camera.

We were able to get internet, but that doesn’t mean, Matt let me get on line, so I apologize for the delay in letting you all know we arrived.  Thank you for your prayers and support.

Summer Camp Sponsorship

We have 33 kids sponsored for camp, we need 17 more to meet our goal.   If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please send in your sponsorship by June 1st.

Did you know you can still write a letter to your camper???  Write a letter, add a picture of your family, pets, boat, motorcycle–whatever!!!  and send it to:

Summer Camp–__________________ (name of your camper)

PO Box 11

Roxbury, PA 17251


These letters will be hand carried over to Romania by the summer team.  You may include flat items like stickers or gum in the letters.  These letters must be received by June 15th.


Are bags are mostly packed and we are getting ready to fly out tomorrow and head back to Romania.  It is very bittersweet leaving.  We have had a wonderful time in America, visiting family and friends and sponsors.   Baby Matt was born here and it was great that so many people got to meet him.  His grandparents aren’t thrilled about us leaving, but they already have plane tickets for November! So they will see him soon.

Thank you to everyone for your help, prayers and sponsorship.  Please keep in touch, we love hearing from you all.