Off to Church

For years, one of the goals of MBK was to get a local church involved with each of the ministries.  In the summer, our church started making visits to each family in the congregation, just to connect and see if there were any needs.  I shared, that some of our volunteers were getting tired and others were getting married, graduating, etc. and we needed some new volunteers.  By the end of the summer,  I was told that the church had been praying for a year for a ministry opportunity, but no doors had opened.  I’m so thankful to our church, Diakona, for deciding to get involved in Stroiesti on a regular basis and as well as continuing to come for Christmas and Easter like they have done for years.

Once a month, Pastor Tibi and his wife and others come to Stroiesti and teach Sunday school, so that our volunteers can have a week off. They have also started visiting some families bringing them not only groceries like flour, rice, sugar and oil, but encouragement and prayer. I didn’t go with the group to visit the families because I have a Sunday School taxi service and had to take kids home, but I followed up with the families and they all enjoyed and appreciated the visits and look forward to next month.

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We were in need of someone to take over the teen group on Sunday. Dinu, a man from Diakonia, stepped up and is now doing a Bible study on the Book of Judges for the teens who are in 7th grade to 11 grade.  They seem to really have connected with Dinu and look forward to their Bible Study.

Finally, because they wanted to do even more, Diakonia is paying for a minibus once a month for the kids and teens to go to Church in the city. We had 25 kids and teens, and 2 mothers come.   Many of the kids had never been to a non-orthodox church, and were very curious this first time.  They were to get up front and sing in church, which delighted the congregation.  The kids were able to stay for tea and cookies after Church and connect with friends from Diakonia that they have met in summer camp.

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I thank God for the blessing of this wonderful Church.  They have not only been a great encouragement for me from the time I arrived in Suceava, but for Bogdan and me as a couple.  They continue to come along side of us as a family and in the ministry.  May God continue to bless Diakonia.