Two weeks is a long time with no blog

Its been a crazy 2 weeks in our house!  Matt turned 1 year old.  We were able to have a few friends over for a little party and it was great to watch Matt play with cake, even though he wasn’t interested in eating it.  DSCN9288

We have had some problems at school with the religion teacher trying to scare the kids into not coming to Sunday school.  He told them they were selling their souls for a pack of crayons and it was better they go to the disco than go to those “repenters.” He also threatened to mark down their grades if they came to Sunday school. Thankfully, parents were upset and complained to the principle of the school.  They recognize the good things there children are learning and the opportunities they are given by coming to us.  The religion teacher, after telling the principle she shouldn’t let us use the school for Sunday school was told that he has no right to tell the kids what they can or cannot do in their free time.  I have heard he back tracked a bit and told the kids if they were also learning English on Sundays, it was ok then.  I have since added more English to our Sundays and the kids are learning poems in English for Easter.

We also had a blizzard!  That’s right a blizzard in March.  While our road was cleared the road to the city were blocked.  This is because the wind blows the snow off the fields and on to the roads.  After 3 days of pretty, albeit cold, days, it started snowing again.  We hope it will stop snowing soon, so spring can come.

We also had the blessing of hosting Esther from Pennsylvania for a few days.  The plan was for her to see what we are doing here with the kids in the village and orphanage.  BUT after a 12 delay in the airport due to airline strikes, lost luggage, the blizzard, and illness, Esther only got to go to Sunday School.  The rest of her time with us was spent in bed ill.  She arrived late and left early because of the weather. We told her this did not count as her mission trip and we hope she’ll come back again.

We are waiting for spring to arrive.  I have planted seeds inside and they are sprouting already.  I hope to plant them outside soon.   We are also in the process of getting ready for our first JBQ competition, training course and kids outreach on April 6th.  We have a team coming from Bucharest and we are making good use of their time here!


Matt and his first case of “sticker-pox”

Please pray for us as we prepare for April 6th and for Easter (May 5-here), and as we dig out from under the snow!

Junior Bible Quiz

We are in full practice mode. Our first meet will be April 6th.  Unfortunately, we are the only group that was able to make a team in this area.  JBQ is new to Romania–only 4 years–and this year was the first introduction to JBQ in the Suceava area.  But my kids aren’t discouraged.  We have made 2 teams. One team is all 4th graders and one team is 7th and one 8th graders.  But don’t worry, they are evenly matched!  Please pray for these kids as they hide God’s word in their hearts in a super fun way!

No fancy buzzers for us. We use fly swatters!

No fancy buzzers for us. We use fly swatters!