Happy Thanksgiving

We pray you all had a blessed Thanksgiving.  We had a very nice one.  Matt celebrated his very first Thanksgiving. Thank you Gramie for Matt’s cute Thanksgiving outfit. He certainly is Mommy’s Little Turkey

Bogdan was able to find a turkey at the grocery store, so we didn’t have to go kill one. (That’s defiantly something to be thankful for!) Five of our team members of the Stroiesti Victory Team came over on Friday evening for dinner. I made broccoli casserole, stuffing, cake and brownies.  Bogdan made the mash potatoes!  It was interesting trying to make American food with Romanian ingredients, but it all turned out very tasty.

We are so thankful for all of our supporters, friends and family. We thank God for you all everyday.

Thank You COTC

Thank you Church on the Cape and especially Donna for the great care package.  It was the highlight of our day! We loved the photos of our church family and the words of encouragement. Thank you for all the goodies.  I will now be making brownies for dessert for our Thanksgiving dinner (on Friday).  Thank you for thinking of us and loving on us!


There was once a little girl in Stroiesti, who everyone thought was stupid.  She wasn’t worth much to her family.  She was dismissed because she had a deformed foot and was slower than average. But she loved to smile and her younger brother adored her, mostly because she took care of him.

One day, a family from the city met this little girl and after much prayer and consideration, they brought her to live with them.  She had an operation on her foot and got documentation to receive assistance from the government. Her parents weren’t happy with this because they wanted the money, but the family did the paper work and the money was used for this little girl.  The little girl started meeting with a tutor because she had never been to school even though she was 11 years old.

After awhile she went to live with her tutor and her family-she has a sister now.  She still has contact with her family and visits them, but she has flourished in the city living with her tutor.  In the past year, this little girl has finished first through third grade, and is scheduled to finish the fourth grade in the summer. She goes to church each Sunday and loves going to Children’s house church each week.  She loves to learn and studies without anyone pushing her to do so. She loves God’s word.

This little girl, who could barely talk and when she did it was so hard to understand her, now speaks clearly and with confidence.  She even got up in front of the church and said Psalm 23.

This little girl, who struggled to walk, now moves with the rest of the children.

I praise God for the change He has done in Mihaela.  I praise both of the families for taking in this special little girl and seeing past what other saw as barriers, and helping her get an education.  I pray we will be able to take her camp next year; her host mom has already said she can go!

Our God is a wonderful, mighty, powerful God. All glory to HIM!

Fall Harvest Celebration

Every year the students in Stroiesti have a wonderful celebration.  Part talent show, part recital, part fashion show, part beauty pageant, and part county fair (the largest vegetables, best pie, etc.).  I missed it last year because we were on a plane heading to America.  This year, we were only able to stay for about a half hour before Matt announced he no longer wanted to stay.  Here are some cute pictures I was able to take from the back of the Culture Hall, which was PACKED!  The  first two pictures are of the kindergarten class doing a fall fashion show.  They are so cute in their leaves and fall fruits!  The next two pictures are of one of the second grade classes dressed for fall; they recited poems.  The final two pictures are of Cristina and Veronica, two of our girls, who completed in the Miss Stroiesti contest.  They didn’t win, but they were beautiful.  I’m sorry the pictures didn’t come out clearer.

Congratulations to all the kids who participated in the show. It was great.

Trip to Dorohoi

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a planner. I had planned a day at Dorohoi, bring the kids from Stroiesti and Dorohoi together for a fun Saturday.  It was a chance for the kids to see each other again after camp.  Thought all was going well until: 1) two of my girls called and said they couldn’t come because they were competeing the Miss Autumn and the rehersal was on Saturday; 2) the barrowed mini-van turned out to be a two door Opel; and 3) Friday evening I got a call saying we could no longer use the center where we had planned the even.  Fortunally, the Baptist church let us use their building, but we couldn’t get in until 11:30.  We were able to play outside on their playground.   Everything worked out well, but man, was I stressed.  Only when we have a team from America does our annual trip to Dorohoi get complicated.
Like last year, the kids from the Stroiesti brought two sacks of potatoes, cabbage, peppers, apples, onions, carrots, red beets, and milk.  All of the left overs from the wonderful dinner cooked by my amazing husband and his kitchen team

, went to the orphanage. The kids in Stroiesti like helping out the other kids. The local university donated 20 pounds of chicken and sour cream.  This was such a blessing.  The American team made 72 cupcakes–a great treat for the kids.

Our theme this year was the Good Tree and Bad Tree.  Andrei, who leads the teen group, taught the lesson.  Our friend in Dorohoi, Emil was supposed to teach a lesson on the Fruits of the Spirit, but because of the late start, he couldn’t…next time.

Enjoy these pictures from our day!


Visit from America

We had a great time with 3 ladies from America.  In the short 3 days they were here, they saw a good portion of what we do here in Suceava/Stroiesti, and even found time for some sight-seeing with Florin.  We crammed so much into their trip here, that it will take more than one blog post to cover it all. So here is post one:

The ladies: Ali, Addie, and Tiffany went to school with me on Thursday.  We started with the 4 year old kindergarten class, then the 3 year old class.  Both classes are learning their colors.  They are so cute. I hope to have learned red, blue, yellow and green by Christmas.  They defiantly know blue or booooooo. Really cute.

After Kindergarten, we had a class of third graders.  They third and fourth graders are learning vocabulary based on the Hooked on Phonics program.  I can already see improvement when the kids read short stories and poems.  Here we are playing tic-tac-toe and a memory game to help them practice their vocabulary.

Speeding ticket

I got my first Romanian speeding ticket today.  I had gotten pulled over in July and only got a warning because I’m so charming. But this time I wasn’t so lucky. The good news was that I was able to pay on the spot and it was only half price.  Bogdan said next time, I should just speak English and see if that works.

More winter hats!

Thank you New Harvest Church for the wonderful winter hats and gloves and scarves. The kids at Diakonia House Church had a blast trying on the goods and selecting their favorites!  Thank you for keeping the kids warm this winter!