Bogdan is Home

Praise the Lord, my husband is home! Thank you to everyone for your prayers and support.  Bogdan was released this afternoon. He will have to continue the meds for another week, but not the ones prescribed because those no longer exist–fortunately I have a friend who is a pharmacist and she gave us the same antibiotics he was on in the hospital. So he will continue with that until we can see the family doctor on Monday. Bogdan will have to go back to the see the doctor in the hospital next Friday.

Now I just have to make sure my husband rests and doesn’t over do it. Thank you again for everything!

Update on Bogdan

I just left the hospital.  Bogdan is doing so much better and is looking and acting mostly normal.  His fever is gone.  They had tried to start the antibiotics last night, but Bogdan just got really sick to his stomach, the same this morning.  But around 9:30 am they were able to start the antibiotics without any problems.  He will have to stay in the hospital for 5 days, which means he SHOULD be able to come home on Monday morning.  I pray so.  I miss having him at home.  The good news is that he does want some food.  He has requested chicken and mashed potatoes, so I’ll fix that and bring it in tomorrow.  (They don’t serve meat often at the hospital–today’s menu was soup and rice).  He is also stocked up on meds for the next couple of days and I have not been told to buy any, so hopefully it will be good.  I brought him a small dvd player and movies today to keep him occupied, so he won’t be so bored.

Thank you everyone for your prayers.

Bogdan’s in the Hospital

My beloved husband, Bogdan was admitted into the hospital this afternoon around 12. Yesterday, Monday, he woke up w/ a backache and headache.  We went about our normal day. Around 4pm or so we where at the grocery store and he was really cold and said he might have fever.  When we got home I checked it and it was 101. something.  I gave him ibuprofen and an hour later it was 103. I freaked out and called a friend who is a nurse.  She told me to get this drug from the pharmacy.  turns out its only by RX, but the pharmacist gave me 2 doses anyways.  It worked and with cold compresses,  Bogdan’s fever dropped to 98 by 10pm.  He still had a headache but was doing better.  He woke up with a fever of 102.  That’s when we went back to the hospital.

I have much to say about our hospital experience which includes having to buy ibuprofen and Tylenol b/c the hospital doesn’t provide it and having to buy IV lines because the hospital only gives you 2.  But I fear it will end up being a rant about socialized medicine, and I try not to get political with this blog. And I’m much too concerned for my husband.

I stayed this evening well past visiting hours and came to the mall to use their wireless to send this prayer request.  When I left his fever was going down.  The nurses hadn’t given him anything.  I continued to take his temp and when it hit 102 again, I went to the nurse and asked for something. That is when she sent to the store for ibuprofen.  I got back and give it to him.  I was then told they couldn’t start the IV antibiotics until his fever was gone.  I told the nurse, ibuprofen wouldn’t work and told her what I had had to do the evening before.  That’s when we finally got some results.  He’s scheduled to get antibiotics around 9 pm tonight.  They only do IVs in the morning and in the evening.

I’m not allowed back until tomorrow afternoon during visiting hours, but will try to sneak in earlier. Please pray for my husband to heal quickly and come home soon.  We still don’t know exactly what is wrong. They say he has a “cold” in his kidneys…some sort of infection. Please pray for God’s healing!

First day of Sunday School

Regular school started 2 weeks ago and with the children’s conference last week, we held off until today.  We are back at the disco until we find a better place to meet.  We had a good turn out and most of the kids brought their Bibles from camp.  We did 2 fun review games including sequencing the Bible stories they had learned the past 2 years.  It was hard, but fun.

The kids are excited to earn their points for camp this year and are eager to learn their Bible verses.

Cristina adding letters to the review game.

Off to Treasure Island

Summer 2012, we are off to Treasure Island in search of treasure.  What treasure you ask?  Well, the True Word of God, of course!

As we search the island, we will come across different locations, each of which has a Bible lesson.  And ultimately, we find the Truth.

We have chosen the theme for next year’s summer camp and we need your help.  Like last year, we are asking you to search the after Halloween sales for costumes.  This year, we are asking for Pirate costumes, parrots, and Island princess–hula skirts and leis–not coconut bras.  Face paint and accessories are great! We hope to have bandanas and eye patches for each child.

This past summer was a really special for the kid when they got to dress up like princesses and knights. Please help us to do this again!

Children’s Conference

On Saturday, 17 kids from Stroiesti joined kids from around the area for a conference, geared especially for them. The theme was “How to Grow in the Truth.” The lesson was on Annanis and Saphira and all about lying! They played games, including one that involved a “barrel full of monkeys” and one in which they sucked lemons when a lie was told and candy when the truth was told! They also learned a Bible verse, but I don’t know which one!