Teen Camp 2014

We wrapped up a successful Teen Camp on Saturday. Everyone had a good time, but we are still looking for ways to improve Teen Camp. We were really excited that Alina–MBK’s purity presenter from Botosani was able to come and present a lesson for the teens.  Her husband, Leo, taught a lesson on the impact of mass media on brain development and internet safety. (Two days after the lesson, one of the campers had her facebook account hacked–lesson was reinforced). Pastor Tibi also came and shared a message about the Prodigal Son.

We had 30 teens at camp and had the opportunity to have some really good conversations with the teens in small groups. I really enjoyed these small impromptu discussions about God, relationships, and the future.

The teens went on a 24 mile/40 km hike to the top of a mountain. The teens enjoyed a spectacular view and only 2 teens said it wasn’t worth the walk!  They also went on a shorter hike and played lots of volleyball and football!

We had 9 kids at the camp. Most were the children of our camp staff, but 4 were the kids from one of the families that we help.  There were going thought some problems and we offered to bring the kids to camp, so they could resolve some stuff.  The 2 older kids had been in our kids camp, but the younger two had not. Turns out 4 1/2 years olds probably shouldn’t be in camp.  Thankfully, our staff rose to the challenge and got those 4 year olds washed, dressed, and fed everyday–with limited tears.  More than anything it was a chance for all 4 of the kids to be in a safe place and have a bit of childhood.

We asked the teens for feedback and most said they wanted more lessons about God.  It made me chuckle, because we had to drag the teens to lesson and they didn’t seem to pay attention; it turns out it was mostly show.  The teens have a hunger for God. 

Thank you to everyone who sponsored a camper; the thank you letters will be mailed from Romania so it will take a while for them to arrive.  Thank you to New Harvest Church for the craft projects: journals, para-cord bracelets, coin purses and photo cubes. The teens really enjoyed their crafts. Thank you to everyone who prayed for us.

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Kids’ Camp 2014

We followed Joseph from his father’s tent to prison to the palace of the Pharaoh.  The children from the village and orphanage thoroughly enjoyed their journey to Egypt.  We had 56 kids and young teens and great volunteers.  We had an amazing team from America–Rhonda, Tiffany, Regina, Amber and Kelvey–5 women with a heart for Jesus and children.  They were invaluable–they came prepared with skits, songs, and games for the kids.  Tiffany even taught the kids how to make slime!

Slime Time

Slime Time


The kids enjoyed going down to the river and all the games and especially the new trampoline!  They got creative building with Solo cups. They were engrossed as they heard the story of Joseph and all the events leading to reunification with his family. The kids learned their Bible verses through games and activities.  They prepared skits and pantomimes for the talent show and very much loved all the crafts.  A special thank you to New Harvest Church for providing all the craft projects. 



  DSCN8355 DSCN8373

The favorite hands down this year were the stuffed animals.  New Harvest prepared kits for the kids to make their own special animal.  Some of the kids were even able to sew them up themselves and they decorated them with yarn hair and ribbons.  New Harvest made extra kits so that each child would really be able to chose what they wanted to make.  The leaders made all the extras and sent them home with kids who had younger siblings.


DSCN8449 DSCN8494 DSCN8469 DSCN8486 DSCN8448

The kids had two nights to show off their talent.  Teo taught the kids multiple funny skits.  The team even got involved with the cup song and a skit. I introduced the kids to one of my favorite pop songs from my childhood–1986’s “Walk like an Egyptian”.  Everyone ended up dancing to it.   Each team performed a spiritual skit.  This year, each one showed the consequence of sin and blessings that come from choosing Jesus! Each team received a trophy (thanks to New Harvest Church).

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Camp was great this  year, exhausting, but great.Thank you to everyone who sponsored a camper, sent supplies, water bottles, flashlights, etc.  We couldn’t do it without you!   I’ll leave you with a few more pictures!

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