Summer Camp

If anyone is interested in helping out with summer camp this year please let me know. We are short on helpers. The dates are July 3-14 (longer if you want to help with VBS). The cost is $1000 per person, plus plane ticket.  We estimate the cost of the plane ticket to be $800-$1200.  Last year, we were not able to have a summer camp because we didn’t have a team to come over and help. Please pray that we will get 4-8 people to come over so that the kids will be able to have camp this year. We don’t want to disappoint the kids again this summer.

Ramona is in Africa

Ramona and Crystal have arrived in Ethiopia.  They are settling in and discovering the new city of  Addis Ababa.  Ramona’s husband is working long hours, so it can be lonely for her while she is meeting new people. 

Thank you for your prayers for Ramona and her family!

Thank you!

I have arrived  back in Roxbury, Pa after 3 weeks of travelling, over 3000 miles, one snow storm, one tornado sighting, and only one tow truck.   I visited 6 churches and 3 school, and even got to teach a world history class!  It was wonderful meeting so many new people and catching up with friends and family.  I have 2 more weeks here in PA before returning to Wilmington, NC.  I’m scheduled to leave for Romania the week of May 18. 

Thank you to everyone involved.  Thank you for  your support and encouragement and especially your prayers!