Successful Fundraiser

Thank you to everyone who came out on May 25 for our first MBK Fundraiser at the Reel Cafe.  First of all, I want to thank my cousins Keenan and Forrest who went above and beyond planning this event. Thank you my family members–aunts, uncles, cousin and amazing parents, who donated items for the raffle and helped set up and take down this event.  Thank you to my church family who came out and supported us! We had over 100 people attend, including 3 Romanian families.   We raised over $4200 –Praise the Lord!!!!! This is a great help in allowing us to continue the programs we have already in place for the children in Stroiesti and the children in the orphanage. Thank you to everyone who came out and participated.

And one more shout out to the Reel Cafe who donated the space, food for 50, 2 gift certificates, and a huge discount on the rest of the food. If you are in Wilmington, go to the Reel Cafe to eat!!  And thank them for their support of our ministry!

And one last thank you to entire Keenan family for their support and willingness to put on this whole event.  I love my family and feel honored that they were willing to do this for the children in Romania.


Here are pictures of some of  the event: Sarah face painting, Forrest entertaining the crowd with his great musical skills, folks socializing at the kiddie tent, and pictures of some of our prize winners and of the event.

fundraiser 1 fundraiser 2 fundraiser 3 fundraiser 4 DSCN7069 fundraiser 6 fundraiser 5

Ultra Sound Machine

A huge thank you goes out to Lifelife Pregnancy Crisis Center in Wilmington!  They donated an ultra sound machine for the PULS pregnancy crisis center in Oradea, Romania.  They also donated baby clothes, maternity clothes, and blankets for the center.  They also gave us some winter hats and mittens for little ones in the village.











A special thank you to Paulo who got us some pallets and helped Bogdan get everything on pallets.  Thank you to Donna and Val who helped me pack up boxes for PULS and for camp and VBS in Suceava and Dorohoi.DSCN6791

It is impossible for us to do everything ourselves, so without amazing friends and volunteers we wouldn’t be able to get anything done. Thank you!

DSCN6796 DSCN6789