Photos from Sunday School

This day it was so cold and rainy the girls used a blanket to stay warm. But they still came.


From Last week:

Nicosor is the newest member to our Sunday School. He is 9 years old.


Ana celebrated her birthday with us!


Praise the Lord!

Missing Persons Report

I’m not missing.  I’m sure of it.  I’m just really busy.  I had this great idea to take September 1st to September 19th off as a vacation.  Except, I was going to stay in Suceava and just relax, recover from a busy summer, and prepare for the upcoming school year.  HA!!!!  That didn’t happen. 

I was able to spend some time catching up with friends.  I attended a conference for Sunday school teachers and a weekend long conference for choirs.  Two of the leaders from summer camp, Ana and Teo, and I went to Dorohoi to visit the children from the orphanage there.  We had a great time visiting with the kids and are planning on bringing some kids from Stroiesti up there for a visit!

I have started tutoring some of the little girls at my church in English.  The girls are in kindergarten and the second grade.  It’s really fun.  Also, the Wednesday night program has started for the children at my church.  I’m in the preschool class and it’s really nice.  We are learning songs and Bible stories.

 I did spend less time in Stroiesti, but I had warned families that I was taking a break for a couple of weeks.  However, one of my babies, Denisa (2 years old) was really sick and was in the hospital, so I helped the family getting her home.  

One weekend, during my “vacation” I helped set up for a wedding. I spent the whole weekend cleaning and washing dishes for the wedding.  It was actually really fun and not a bad way to spend a weekend.  However, I got a cold.  oops!

And then school started…..but that’s another blog for another time!

Summer Camp 2011

Ok, so I know what you are thinking:  Melissa you are crazy; already planning for next year’s summer camp!  —But I have a good reason!

A couple of weeks ago, Ana and I attended a conference for Sunday School teachers. There we found a great curriculum about the life of  Daniel.  The theme of the camp is: Royal Camp!  The campers are Ladies and Knights,  the leaders are princes and princesses.  And being the bossy person I am…I’ve declared myself Queen. (I remember when I worked at the shelter, I jokingly told the kids I was a princess and for months one little boy called me Princess Melissa…true recognition of my greatness…I miss that!) 

But I digress, the camp curriculum includes lots of skits and the camp ends with a masked ball/carnival for all the kids.  SO we need costumes!  And lots of them.  I am asking, that you keep an eye out for costumes on sale after halloween: princesses, princes, knights, jesters, dragons etc….anything you think will work for our Castle them. We have children ranging in ages from 9 to 19.    I spoke with the director of the program in Dorohoi for the orphan children to schedule their camp at the same time as us.  We had such a wonderful time with the 17 kids from Dorohoi and want to continue the relationship between the children from Stroiesti and them.  They will be paying their own way to camp, but I would still like there to be enough costumes  and crafts for them. 

If you have any ideas, please let me know!!  And remember, it’s never too early to start thinking about coming over to help us with camp!!!

Sunday School

We are back! September is here and we promised the kids that we would start Sunday School the first Sunday in September.  The kids eagerly awaited the start of Sunday School.  We even had a few new faces.  I was so happy to see Mihaela and Costel.  This sister and brother team had been in my English classes in school and even came to English club this summer.  But last year, their mother forbade them to come to Sunday School.  To quote their mother:  “Melissa doesn’t believe in God.”  Her neighbor is Olga and Olga talked her but no…her kids were not allowed to go.  Now the kids had come once before while mom was at work and dad, not knowing mom had said no, allowed the kids to come.  But this Sunday, mom said they could come.  I don’t know why she changed her mind, but she did and I thank God for that.

Ana started teaching the book of Ruth to the kids.  The girls were so happy to learn about a woman in the Bible!  I taught the kids “I’ve got Peace like a River” in English and will continue to teach them more song in English this year.  During our worship time, the kids requested “Kum-ba-ya;” they had learned it in camp and love it. 

We learned a new verse and then had a coloring sheet and maze to work on.  During the coloring time, Ana put on a cd of kids’ worship music in Romanian.  We heard little voices singing along to the cd.  They sang songs they had learned last spring and at camp.  It was wonderful.

We finished our time together with “Blessed be the Name” or “Fii Binecuvanta.”  We turned the music up loud and the boys started playing air guitar while singing along.  I sang into a pen and all the kids really got into the song.  It’s definitely one of our favorites.  Everyone went home happy! 

Leading Worship! I never head Veronica sing solo; what a beautiful voice she has!

I’m in Hot Water

Never did I think this would merit a blog post, but the hot water has returned!  Praise the Lord, I have hot running water.  I have just taken my first proper shower in over a month.  I didn’t have to go to a neighbor’s apartment or heat water on the stove.  I just had to turn the tap.  Oh, glorious!

I did learn two very important things though, this past month. 1.  I don’t actually need hot running water; it really wasn’t that bad heating the water and then adding cold water. and 2.  It is possible to not even realize the last time you had a bath; I went 4 days without a bath and didn’t even realize it.  ha!

Last day of English Club

The English Club showing off bracelets and books (donated by my cousins Joma and Emily)