Children in the Village of Stroiesti-Part 1

I am back home now.  It was so good to see the children and to get to know Gabi and Mihaela better during the last 2 weeks in Romania.  I have a language tutor lined up, but no place to live yet.  Gabi and Mihaela will be looking for a place for me in the next couple of months.

I want to share with you what we did while in Romania. We spent 4 days in the village.  Day one, made home visits.  We got to know the families better and spend time with the kids. We pasted out clothes, toiletries, and backpacks to the kids. The kids were so fun.  They would pick pears, apples, and plums from the trees and give them to us to eat. And they love to take pictures, so if there were only 10 or so kids (a small group) that had gathered, I would let them take some pictures.

Diana & Bogdan with mom, Olga

Diana & Bogdan with mom, Olga.

  Kids in Stroiesti

  Cristy climbed the tree to get some fruit. Notice he’s not holding on.

Day two, we did bible lessons with the kids.  I told them the story of Joseph.  They were to draw a picture of something that happened in the story using chalk.  We had them drawing on the old train platform.  We had no idea the train was still in service. AHHHH!
Not the best location for Bible Lessons.

Not the best location for Bible Lessons.

 Andre drew Joseph’s brothers throwing him down the well.

Alight, that is enough for now. I’ll post some more pictures and update you on what else we did soon!

My how the kids have grown!

We are back from Suceava and Stroiesti.  We spent the past few days in the village as well as making contact with the couple who have started church services in the village. 

It was amazing to see how big the kids have gotten in the past 8-12 months. I didn’t even recognize one little girl!  We got to meet the families and the children who didn’t go to camp. It was great.  I’ll post pictures as soon as I can.  I’m flying home on friday, but i’m anxious to get back to the kids of Stroiesti!

I have arrived!

I have arrived safe and sound. (And have caught up on my sleep!) I’m currently staying with Gabi and Mihaela in Oradea (Northwest, 3 1/2 hours from Budapest, Hungary).

 We are preparing for to go to Suceava and the village on Thursday.  Its about 10 hours by car. Please pray for safety while travelling. Also, please pray for little Valeria (Gabi and Mihaela’s 4 month old baby) who has decided she no longer likes being in the car.  She cried a lot on the trip from the airport.  Please pray that she will sleep most of the way and enjoy the car trip! 

We will be doing home visit to the children from summer camp last year in the village.  The plan is to give backpacks and school supplies to those children who are in school, and clothes and shoes to as many children possible.   On Saturday, we will have a VBS open to all the children in the village and children’s church on Sunday. Please pray for clarity and effectiveness of teaching.  I’ll be doing the Bible lessons.

I will try to keep you posted!  Thank you for your prayers!