Summer Camper Sponsors Needed!!!

It’s time to sponsor a child or teen for summer camp from Stroiesti Village and the Orphanage. And right now, God has given us a great opportunity. The US dollar is so strong against the Euro and because of that the exchange rate for the Romanian Lei is the best in 5 years! So as long as the exchange rate stays high, summer camp sponsorship is only $100 per camper (instead of $120).

This year, we heading farther afield to Campulung. The cabin is more rustic, but right in the middle of a valley giving us the opportunity to take the children on hikes to explore God’s creation! We’ve added an extra day to camp give the kids 6 nights and 7 days at camp. The campers will get 3 yummy, nutritious meals each day and 2 snacks. Solid Bible lessons, games, arts and crafts and swimming will round out their day!

We are looking for sponsors for 40 children and 40 teens to send them to camp. So get your sponsorship in early to take advantage of the great exchange rate and change the life of a child in Romania!!!!

Send on-line at (note Stroiesti Camp). Message me for more information! Thank you!!

Christmas Shoeboxes, Part 4: Dorohoi Orphanage

Our fourth and final locations for Christmas cheer was the orphanage at Dorohoi.  Since we don’t have enough Christmas boxes to give one to each of the 120 (soon to be 150) children and teens, we make up apartment presents.  Each apartment houses 6-8 children and teens.  We make up packages with puzzles, games, toys, art supplies, craft projects, popcorn, and candy.  The children get the opportunity to have “family” interactions and develop team work and good communication skills.  And they just get to be kids.

Representatives (and sometimes the whole apartment) came to us and received the packages. The children got to pick out stuffed animals and we gave out some shoes and hand crafted blankets.  Two older boys helped us unload the van and when they came to get their present, they weren’t wearing warm coats, and they hadn’t been earlier, either. We asked, they had no winter coats.  Well, we had 2 and those two brothers got new coats.  An extra blessing for their helpfulness…God knew their need.

Thank you to everyone who donated games and puzzle and candy canes.  Thank you for the stuffed animals that are now being cuddled each night.  Thank you for blessing the children at the orphanage.

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Christmas Shoeboxes Part 3: Diakonia

We were blessed to have enough boxes to give out to the children at our church.  (Rumor has it, Diakonia got the best boxes of all the churches in the city!–Yeah MBK sponsors!)  The children received their boxes after their excellent Christmas play!  Thank you to everyone who made a shoebox for the children in Romania.  You have brought a little extra love to the children this Christmas!

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