JBQ/KidzRomania Camp

WOW!  Five hours on a train with a bunch of girls is very interesting.  It was great to hear them singing praises to God on the train home from camp.  They learned some cute new songs, which they “promised” to teach the other kids in the fall.

The camp was good fun.  It was very hot the first 2 days but the girls made the best of it. The girls were from our JBQ team, except for one who was replacing one of our JBQers who wasn’t able to come.  I didn’t realize our situation was so strange.  We started last fall with 2 JBQ teams in the area.  One team wasn’t able to continue, but the Stroiesti girls, really wanted to keep going. So after talking w/ the folks at JBQ, we divided our one team into two and the girls didn’t give up.  Because of this, they earned a spot at the National JBQ camp.  But unfortunately, it was at the same time as our camp in Vama.  So KidzRomania invited us to come to another camp.  THis camp was an introduction for  JBQ.  We were the only team there, but there were some other kids who have competed in JBQ. Our girls got to do a showcase round the first night, so everyone could see what JBQ really was.  During the next 2 days, all the campers got to learn new question based on the Bible lessons, and practice JBQ.  On the last morning, the girls were awarded for their participating in JBQ and Team Stroiesti even got an award for winning the Suceava region….even if it was by default!  Still very encouraging for the girls.  They are excited to start learning questions for next year.  One of our girls, Alina, has aged out and wants to be a coach.  So thrilled.


The rest of camp, was well…camp!  Lots of games, crafts, fellowship and super fun programs.  The KidzRomamia team does a great job with their puppet shows and funny characters.   The girls had fun, and said they would like to go back, but to another camp without such large spiders! Ah girls!

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