Going out for Pizza

Something bad happened at an orphanage in another city, and we were asked to come and put on a program for the younger children at the Dorohoi Orphanage in response to what had happened.  We were more than willing to go to Dorohoi. We took 46 of the younger children and those young at heart out for pizza.  This was such a big deal to the children who never get to go out to eat!  Each child got a pizza shaped like Mickey Mouse adding to the festive spirit of the day.  They got a soda (YEAH) and an orange!!!!  They were so excited it was hard not to giggle along  with them.

We shared withthem the story of Meshach, Shadrack, and Abednego and how they followed God and didn’t take matters into their own hands.  They stayed faithful and allowed God to take control. This was especially relevant given the event that had happened.  We sang, learned a Bible verse, colored a picture and a maze and made a magnet!  We ended the afternoon with a group picture and cookies.

We felt blessed to able to treat the children at the orphanage to a fun afternoon.  We later heard from someone who had to see to some of the children later that evening, that it was all they could talk about.  Such a small thing for us, made such an impact on them.  The children felt loved!  Thank you for your support that allows us to bless these children.

Enjoy some smiley pictures from our time with the children.

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JBQ Practice

DSCN6125 DSCN6120We are getting ready for JBQ (Junior Bible Quiz).  We will have the first meet of the year in March.  During the inter-semester break, we had to practices.  We have 4 girls who have returned from 2 years ago and we have some new faces. We are super excited about JBQ and about learning all the questions about God and the Bible.  We hear we have another church participating in our region. This is great news.