Mentoring Update 2016


I do not have the “calling” to work with teenagers, but God has called me to work with 6 teens in our mentoring program. To quote my mom, “you weren’t very good at being a teenager, when you were a teenage.”  “I know, Mom, I know. Sorry.”  BUT that didn’t stop God from pulling me out of my comfort zone and sending me teenagers!  Sometimes, in the mentoring program I feel like I am a firefighter putting out little fires of teen girl drama. But in the end, the 5 girls in our program are doing well and Bianca, who is in the private Christian school, has developed a strong interested in missions, according to her home room teacher!

Andrei graduated last year from high school and is now attending college in Suceava. He is the first to attend college on is father’s side of the family…pretty much all his relatives in the village…he’s the first. What is so funny, is that after attending the long distance high school program from the Christian school, where he only had classes 2 weeks each semester and a week of exams and a lot of self studying, he’s finding college not to challenging enough! He’s hoping to transfer next fall to a school in another city that will challenge him more!  (This from a kid who wasn’t worth the investment!!)

Paul, who is currently in the 10th grade, has earned a spot along with 14 other boys from the auto mechanics program at his high school to go on a culture exchange in Germany. He had to take many exams, including foreign language exams, to qualify.  He is scheduled to go in March for about 3 weeks. We are so proud of him! (Again, he wasn’t supposed to amount to anything.)

So while there is drama working with teenagers, the successes encourage me to keep going, pushing through the teen angst, the disappointments when a teens leaves our program, and see these teens have success!