Back in Session

After 3 weeks off from school and Sunday school, the kids in Stroiesti are back at it!  Numbers were low the first week, but went back up to almost 40 by week 2.  I got an update from Ana about summer camp points.  I’m really excited to see the kids are learning their memory verses and earning those points.  The boys gotta pick it up, the girls are creaming them with points!

The snow has been really bad and has made driving difficult.  Ana is not used to driving in the snow and has asked for lots of prayer!

Please continue to pray for the kids and the team in Stroiesti.

Back from Travelling

We are back.  We had a great 2 week fundraising trip.  We raised over $2500 for Stroiesti and summer camp!  We also took the time to visit with family and sponsors and do a bit of sight-seeing.  We went to Mississippi, Texas, and Tennessee, stopping at each welcome center we came to!  We had a wonderful time meeting new people, visiting new churches and old ones.   My mom came with us to help drive because the doctor wasn’t thrilled with me doing so much driving, so it was great to have her along!

In Mississippi on the Gulf of Mexico


Now, back in March, Bogdan was asked if he could go anywhere in America where would he like to go.  His answer: Dallas!  Why you ask?  Well, after the revolution in 1989, the tv show Dallas was one of the first shows to be aired in Romania.  Bogdan grew up watching Dallas.  I’ve never seen it, but he can tell you all about it.  So no trip to Texas is complete without a trip to Southfork Ranch!  And we even got to watch them do a bit a filming for this new mini-series coming this summer!

I had wanted to email from the road but I encountered internet and email problems along the way.  Thanks for you patience!

Just waiting for JR to join us for breakfast.

Christmas Boxes

These pictures are long over due, I’m sorry it took so long to post them. I hope you enjoy them. Thank you to everyone who sent boxes to the kiddos!