Sunday School Animals

On March 22nd, the children at Sunday school got a special treat. After a great lesson on Jesus is  the King and some Easter song rehearsal, the kids got prizes.  A family in California with connections to our church in Romania sent a large box of stuffed animals and dolls and some candy to the children in our Sunday school program.  In order to pass them out fairly, I had the children draw a name from a hat of someone else in the room.  They then had to write something nice about that person and put it back in the hat.  When a name was drawn, I read aloud that something nice and the child got to pick out one large or two small animals. It was a great exercise in just being nice and looking for something good in everyone, especially for those who didn’t like the person they picked out!

DSCN6323 DSCN6332 DSCN6330 DSCN6334

Who are you sponsoring for camp?

Finally!!! Some of the children and teens who are coming to camp are posted on our website.  Go to the “Send a Kid to Camp” page and see who you are sponsoring. We have 31 campers sponsored.  We still need at least 40 campers sponsored.  For only $100 you can change a child’s life!!!

Email a note and picture to your camper to read at camp!

Thank you to everyone who sponsored a camper!

First JBQ meet of 2015

We had our first Junior Bible Quiz meet on March 7th..   We did not do so good. Our team knew their questions and answers, but the other team was just faster (and older).  We will be working on our slap in timing and maybe do better next time. We came in 3rd place this meet!  A special shout out to Ioana for coming in 7th in individuals.

We are happy to have another church in our region, even if they are a formidable opponent.

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