Email your Camper!!

Only 10 days until camp.  We have gotten the train tickets for the kids to travel to camp.  We’ve gotten supplies and made the menu.  Our American team shows up late Monday night.  We are ready for camp!!

Have you gotten a chance to email a message to your camper?   Maybe you didn’t you weren’t able to sponsor a camper, you can still send a message to the kids!  Just email a message to me at  The campers will love getting mail. Also, by sending an email with a photo attached your camper will see the face of his or her sponsor–this is something we’ve been trying to teach the kids…sponsors from America have made sacrifices in order to send money and supplies for camp.  So please send a message to your camper!!!


Thank you!

Email Your Camper!

Didn’t get a chance to mail a letter to your camper? That’s ok!  Email them a little note through me: and I’ll print it out and give it to them at camp.  You can even include a picture in your email.  Your camper will be thrilled to hear from you!  Camp starts on July 9th, so please have your emails to me by July 7th.

New page added

I’ve added a new page to my blog with pictures of our family…mostly Matt.  I will try to update it regularly, but feel free to request pictures, since I will forget!!!

Just look for the Family Pictures tab on the blog!

Giani Graduates

Our friend and volunteer Giani graduated last week.  Giani grew up with Bogdan and has been a volunteer with us for 2 years.  He graduated with a degree in Social Work.  Giani is great with the kids–keeping them in line and in order! Congratulations Giani!!! We expect only great things for you.  Please pray for Giani as he looks for  a job!


The packages from America arrived on Tuesday exactly 6 weeks and 1 day from being shipped out. This is great. Thank you to the folks at New Harvest for all the clothes, crafts and everything else for summer camp.  The kids will be spoiled this year at camp.  Thank you to Precious Life for items for the village and the house. Thank you to Gulfhaven Mennonite Church for the camp supplies, coloring books and all the books for me and our volunteers!! And thank you to everyone else who sent items for camp and for their campers!

I was thrilled to get the packages so quickly, because I had put in diapers for Matt!  Now, if I can just find the baby socks….hmmm…….

Now the unpacking begins!

New Alarm System

Almost every house has one…so we got one too, especially since we are putting more and more of our stuff in the new house.  I’m actually surprised it has taken Bogdan so long to get the alarm system.

The dog still has no name!

Bogdan and Florin built the dog a very nice dog house. I don’t have a picture of it completed, but here is a picture of the building process.

Anyways, we have a new member of the family. I’ll let you know what we finally end up naming him. Florin started calling him Sergey, which has sorta stuck.  Sergey–if you are reading this, feel honored not insulted!

Update, not about camp!

Maybe you have been wondering what else we have been doing since we’ve been back.  I can’t believe its been a month. We have taken care of health insurance and my new residency permit.  We have had a horrible time getting Matt’s Romanian birth certificate, but God willing, we will get it this week. Yes, we are still readjusting back into Romanian life…but loving it.

Matt has grown so much and I love spending the day with him. He’s a dream.  The grandparents have demanded photos every week plus face time on skype.  So far so good.  Matt loves to laugh at his grandparents and other strange people!

Sunday School in Stroiesti is going well.  Attendance is down because of the weather.  And also because the kids have realized we were serious about the points and are only taking kids who have earned the points to go to camp. But those kids, who have earned their point are so excited and are so encouraging to those who still need a few points. We have one girl, Alexandra, who started coming after Easter and she has learned just about every verse that was assigned since September!  So impressive.  We have 3 kids who have earned 100 points and they only needed 60 for camp.  I’m slowly but surely meeting with the mentoring kids.  The school year is almost over and they are hard to schedule meetings with!

Bogdan and the kids threw me a little surprise party for my birthday! Check out the cake Florin and Bogdan made!


Bogdan has been working on our house.  The well was dug deeper and 1200 square meters of corn was planted!  I know this is an insane amount of corn for us, but since the land had not been used in years, it needed a season of corn to make it usable next year.  We plan on saving most of the corn for the chickens and turkeys we hope to have next year.  It looks like we will be able to move into the new house in fall, Lord willing.  The heating system is just about done and the bathroom fixtures are all that are needed there.  The rest is mostly finishing work and flooring.

Bogdan has started back at the camp, where we first met.  Right now, he’s cooking for campers just on the weekends, since school is still in session.  He’ll start camp at the of June and be there until the end of August.  Of course, he’s coming with us at our camp in Vama. Matt and I are with Bogdan at camp, but go to Sunday School each week and I’m finishing preparations for the rest of the summer. Matt is loving the fresh air and sunshine!

We are so excited for the 2 teams coming this summer.  We have a team coming for summer camp and service projects in Stroiesti.  The other team consists of 2 ladies.  They will join Ana, Ancuta, and I (and Matt) in Ploiesti (6 hours south of here) for VBS in 2 gypsy villages.  We will join Eduard and his choral ministry there.  Eduard has been working with choirs in these villages, but the children have never had a VBS.   Its a totally new ministry opportunity but we are looking forward to it. The ladies will then join us in Stroiesti where will hope to start a Junior Bible Quiz team!

I will try to keep you all put dated with everything going on over the summer!!

Make that..

54 campers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!