Birthday Surprises

One of our Christmas sponsors admited he may have been “a little” excessive in his Christmas shopping for twin 7 year boys.  He said that he had gotten a lot of school supplies so I should open up the FOUR not shoeboxes and pull what the boys would need for school in September.  Ok, good idea!

Then I found out that they had a birthday in December. I was able to make up a fun birthday box for the boys, a school box for September, and of course two boxes for Christmas.

We were able to take cake and presents to the boys last night. What a joy for them (and their younger brother!) There was much discussion about the last time any of them had eaten cake, so it was great to share it with them! It was nice to see the big smiles on their faces. dscn6760dscn6766

PS. Now don’t go gettin’ any ideas about crazy excessive boxes for multiple events…who has time to do that for 200 kids?? 🙂


2 Responses

  1. What lovely smiles. Are these village kids?

    • No, they were our old neighbors when we lived in the city. Lots of bad choices, mother abandoned family, lots of debt (rent and power bill), so after we moved away they still called for help esp when things got worse. So we include them in our ministry. They kids have a wonderful new mom. The older ones go to camp and the twins will go next year. We got the oldest brother on to an outreach Christian Soccer team w/ a guy from our church. Things are starting look up. Even the father was able to get a better job, but 8 mouths and one on the way are hard to feed.

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