School Another Way

Here in Romania, the week before spring break is called “Scoala Altfel” or School another way.  Many teachers take their kids on field trips or bring in special guests or use the week to do fun stuff.  The kindergarten in Stroiesti is usually unable to do something super special because the children are little and many of the older children get out of school early and come and pick up their little siblings.

This is only our second year here in Romania for Easter and School  Another Way…we are often in America for Easter.  I thought maybe we could do something special for the children in the kindergarten.  My mom brought us craft projects and I was able to bring one craft to the children on Monday (colored Easter magnets), Tuesday (scratch off crosses), and Wednesday( glittery egg ornaments).  On Thursday, I went to McDonalds and got 65 Happy Meals (the parents had sent in money to pay for their children).  The kids were so excited to have their Happy Meals.

After lunch, they kids participated in their first Easter Egg Hunt.  It was humbling to realize that other than Matt, none of these children had ever hunted for Easter eggs.  My helper Moms hid the eggs in the “gym” and each child got to find 3 eggs.  One of Matt’s class mates got 6  and quickly gave up 3 with a smile.  I had extra eggs for those who couldn’t find 3 eggs. We did the egg hunt 3 times, once for each class.  And there were no tears….I’ve never been to an egg hunt without tears!

Thank you to the teachers and mom and my parents who helped make Scoala Altfel special for the kindergarten children!



2 Responses

  1. Such a happy story. Thanks Melissa. This means so much more since you were able to give me a school tour last summer. Blessings.

  2. Precious kids!! Sounds wonderful, Melissa! Proud of you and praying continually!! 😃

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