A blessing

A local business woman gave us a large sum of money, which is 4 months wages for an average Romanian or 2 weeks for an average American.  It was for the children in the village, to get stuff they needed/wanted.  I asked them what they wanted and then went shopping. I don’t know how many stores I looked in, but we ended up getting everything at 3 different stores.  It was crazy. The kids got winter boots, gym shoes, football (soccer) shoes, warm up suits, school art supplies, and one kid got a back pack.  The teens opted to use the money for the dentist or for clothes shopping. I still have to take some shoes and warm up suits back and exchange them or other sizes, but here are some fun pictures.  Thank you to the wonderful woman, who saw a need and just wanted the children to have some joy this winter!  (And now none of our kids have a reason to get kicked out of gym class for not having a warm up suit!)



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