Christmas Shopping

The week before Christmas, we were privileged to take 8 children and teens from the orphanage shopping.  They were each sponsored by someone who loves them…even if they don’t know it yet!

The kiddos were able to get what they needed and what they wanted.  Two of the girls are sponsored by one of our neighbors, and she was able to go with the girls.  How fun is that?!

Sometimes, it can be overwhelming when you take a child into a store and tell them…you have this much to spend what do you want.  (I know this first hand with my 3 year old…it always ends with tears!)  Fortunately, our shopping adventures, ended with smiles!!!  Almost all of them got new sneakers.  They all got clothes.  And they all got something fun–soccer balls, radio, puzzles, legos, Barbie dolls. We were also able to send candy and cereal to each of the apartments, so as to bless the others in their apartments.

The children and teens were selected because they are truly orphans–either abandoned completely or other less fun situations.  They have no family to help them out or to give them gifts.  Some of these kiddos have been sponsored for years by the same loving sponsors, others are new this year.  Regardless, it was a blessing to them. Especially, for the littlest girl, who was in the hospital and we were able to “kidnap” her for an hour.  Thank you JoAn and Ski for starting this tradition 3 years ago!!  Thank you to Annie and John, Rody and Paul, and  Fran and Steve!    Look at those wonderful smiles!!


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