Christmas Shoeboxes Part 5: Special Needs Orphanage

Kids are unpredictable at Christmas. Special needs children..even more so!

We had an interesting time delivering Christmas Shoeboxes to the 14  children at the special needs orphanage near us. We made some mistakes.  Roxana usually brings her daughters and when my Matt wanted to come I took him along. He now never wants to go back. A couple of the kids have hitting problems and kept randomly smacking Matt. He was overwhelmed. In the summer, when we can be outside, I plan on taking him back.

The other mistake was having boxes for each child.  We should have had six boxes for the children who were able to handle getting boxes and a big box of random toys and candy for the others.  As it was, we ended up quickly opening the boxes for the younger children and just handing them a toy. The workers had to hide candy after passing out lollypops!  As well, as trying to keep one of the girls from taking her 8th banana. Oh it was insane.. but fun.  I did go and check the boxes we did pass out and had to take away the permanent markers and razors!  oops!

The kids had also had visits from the State and  a family who had all brought gifts, so the kids were already wired.  But it was their Christmas day!  And they loved it. They were too hyped up to do a craft project or tell the Christmas story.  But we now know how to do it better next year.

Thank you for providing enough boxes for these children!!

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  1. Sounds like quite an experience!! May God continue to give you wisdom and love for all your wonderful kids!

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