Christmas Shoeboxes Part 4: The Girls!

After  the sadness of the last blog, I felt like I had to quickly write a happy story!  I delivered the Christmas boxes to this family the same day as I delivered boxes to Daniel’s family.

This is a great family that we came in contact with through an outreach project our church had a few years ago.  Two families from that project still go to our church. One of the fathers has even been baptized.

This is Rodica’s family. She and her sisters, Lenuta and Larisa, are in church almost every week. They come to camp each year and are sponsored each year for Christmas.  There is little Maria, who is three and Sofia, who turned a year old today.  The little girls have been dedicated to the Lord at our church after the insistence of the older sisters.  Rodica is very interested in being baptized.  Like all teens, she’s had her struggles and crisis of faith and family, but through the support of the church and MBK she and her family are doing well.  While the parents are not active at church, they will attend occasionally, and encourage their daughters to be involved.

Thank you to the folks who sponsored this family for Christmas! They all loved their boxes.  The family carefully cut the pictures off the packages so that they would have  pictures of their children. When little Maria heard I was coming over, she insisted on getting dressed up and that Baby Sofia did the same! It was so much fun spending time with this family so full of love!

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