Christmas Shoeboxes Part 2: Dorohoi

We gave out 138 boxes to the children in the orphanage. Thank you to everyone to who made a box for these wonderful children. Our dear friends, Steve and Wendy in Texas sponsored two pizza parties for the children and teens.  They send a ton of candy and a craft project for the children.  We had the party at Patti-Chips and the owners provide beverages for everyone on the house!  We want to thank Autonam car rental for providing a large van free of charge so that we could take all the gifts as well as some medicines, shoes, and puzzles for the children at the orphanage.  The youth from Maranatha Baptist Church came and sang carols to the children.  For the 30 new boys, it was probably the first time they had heard the true meaning of Christmas.


One of our little girls was in the hospital and we went to visit her in order to give her her shoebox.  We had 8 extra boxes with us.  There were 8 other children on the floor with our sweet girl!!!!  We felt so blessed to be able to bring extra cheer to children who had to spend the Christmastime in the hospital.  I’m so amazed at how God works out the details so that no one was left out!

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  1. Thanks for the pics and for serving the children in Romania. Have a blessed New Year? Our prayers are with you, our love, Allen & Carolyn

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