A visit with our special friends

After I was misdiagnosed with migraines, but before I was correctly diagnosed with shingles, we went to visit the children at the special needs orphanage. It is highly unlikely that I infected any of the children and they probably already had chicken pox as small ones.

Anyways, Roxana and I went to visit the children. We brought them a specially requested snack: potato chips (and we threw in some clementines as well). We brought them blocks and some toys as well. It was so much fun playing with them on the floor. Helping the little ones build towers and knock them down. The older children tried to build the buildings on the box.mihoveni 014a

We also had a craft project for them–stand up Baby Jesus in the Manger.  They enjoyed coloring, but really they just wanted to play with scissors…thankfully, I brought the safety scissors!mihoveni 24mihoveni  008

We brought some boxes of clothes as well and let the staff know there was stuff for them as well… We want the staff know they are appreciated as well. One of the older boys found a tweed jacket and modeled it for us. They were all so excited to get some new clothes. Roxana told me every time she goes there she sees the children in the same clothes and she’s been going there for almost a year.

Somehow the children got ahold of a toy catalog from a local store. They made sure we knew what they wanted for Christmas. So funny!!

I just love being able to visit these precious children. We are already making plans for our Christmas visit.

mihoveni  032


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