October Update

October started off as a good month for us. Easy schedule, a chance for us to recharge. We got a shipment of clothes and had the teens from the mentoring program sort them. We had 4 boxes of baby clothes that we sent to the pregnancy crisis center in Oradea. We rented a van to take clothes to the orphanage.  As we were loading up the van, I stepped wrong and sprained my ankle! Thankfully, my friend was already on her way to visit us, so that Bogdan and 2 boys from the mentoring program could deliver the clothes.  So I spent 2 weeks with my ankle up. We had some sisters come and help out during the day, and some of the mentoring girls came over the weekend. I cherished the time I got to spend with Olivia alone, while Matt was at school. I hated not being independent, but I did try and relax.  The third week of recovery time was spent with 2 little ones with roseolla and bad colds.  It’s been 4 weeks now, the kids are healthy, and I’m back at school.

We started a the new month, November, by going to a conference in Cluj. The conference was “Romania without Orphans.” While not all it pertained to what we were doing, it was encouraging to see how many people really care about the orphans here in Romania. I was able to meet a few American missionaries who are stationed around the country and are involved with orphanage ministry. We had a great time of fellowship with three other couples, who are involved with My Brother’s Keeper. What a great time of sharing and encouraging.


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