Let’s Play on the new Playground

Last week, we had a great team from PA come to Stroiesti to build a place to play.  This village with so many children hasn’t had a playground in generations.  With our partners from Precious Life, we were able to change that. The goal of the playground was not only to give the children in the village a safe place to play and just to be kids, but also to improve community relations and our reputation in the village. All of this was accomplished. The mayor’s hall supported us and the project. They prepared the land and went above  beyond by replacing and adding new fencing, so that the playground, while on school property, could be used during the summer and after school.  They also gathered, repaired and repainted wooden benches and trashcans for the new playground. The mayor’s hall called in “welfare” workers to assist the team. (Here in order to receive welfare you must put in so many hours a month of community service–and anyone in the household can do these hours.)  Children and Teens from our Sunday School and Mentoring program came and helped out with picking up trash, moving rocks, and painting.  Members from our local church in the city were involved as well and it was an opportunity for the mayor to meet and chat with our pastor.

It’s been a week since the playground has gone up. I’ve been there twice with my children. There is always someone there, even in the heat of the day, playing. Some of the children have come to me saying that at 7pm the place is packed and some of the older kids are being naughty. These kids really want to preserve their park, as they call it. Two boys have decide they will be the keepers of the playground. They will pick up the trash and keep the park nice. I love that they want to do this. The playground is a wonderful place where children and be children and where friends can be made. Everyone involved was able to show the love of Jesus by giving a childhood joy to the children of Stroiesti.

Thank you to everyone involved in this amazing project!

To see a video of the project please click this link: https://www.facebook.com/melissa.osborne.5682/videos/984411394943559/?l=1367842651117257157

(It should work even if you don’t have facebook!)

IMG_1134 IMG_1119 IMG_1108 IMG_1090 IMG_0960 IMG_0944 IMG_0931 IMG_0830 IMG_0508 IMG_0416 (2) IMG_0230 IMG_0224


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  1. That is so fantastic!! I love how the community has taken ownership of its care! Great job, Melissa and al involved. Thank you, Lord!

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