VBS at the Orphanage

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Our wonderful friend, Allison from Texas, came and spent a week with us. During her time here, we went to the orphanage and did a VBS for the kids. Many of the children at the VBS will be coming with us to camp, and while Allison won’t be able to come with us to camp this summer, her younger sister, Amy will be at camp at the end of this month.

Our lessons were about the Fruits of the Spirit. The children enjoyed games, crafts, prizes, and a challenge in patience and self  control.  We put a gummy bear in  cups and handed one to each child. If they didn’t eat the gummy bear during the lesson, we would give them another one…all the children were able to have self control and received a gummy shark! We, also, took pictures of the children and they made frames for their pictures.

About a month before we came, the children had been with another group and they had done a Bible lesson with the kids. Well, we didn’t know and we did the same lesson. As Allison was telling the story, the children started adding other information and pretty soon they were the ones telling the story. This was awesome because God’s Word is staying in their hearts! We were blessed by our time with the children!

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  1. Cute kids with the sheep and thanks for your work for Jesus, you will receive a crown!! Prayers for you are ascending as camptime draws near. You are loved, Allen and Carolyn

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