Vila de Chicken

While in North Carolina in April, a wonderful family gave a monetary gift to our family. We wanted to us it the best way possible, as well as it to benefit some of the families with whom we work.

We got 24 chickens and 2 turkeys.  Bogdan and Andrei were able to build a good chicken coop, which I call the Vila de Chicken. When the chickens are big enough we will have plenty of eggs and will be able to share with a very poor family in the city and hopefully, even at the orphanage. We got 5 chickens for meat.  The turkeys are named Thanksgiving (the bigger one) and Christmas!  A few of the hens have been named: Snowy, Snowman, Knight/Night, Chickoletta and the other ones.

The kids love the chickens, especially Olivia. They want to see the chickens first thing every morning and they like to say good night to them in the evening.

DSCN6720 DSCN6723 DSCN6719 DSCN6718 DSCN6717

She loves to run after them and try to pet them. Her favorite thing to do is to play in their food and water. Matt is learning how to chase them into their coop for the night and has gotten really good at it.

We feel very blessed by this wonderful family who has long supported us. Thank you!

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  1. Those are Great Names! lol

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