Christmas Boxes Part 2: Neighbors

I rarely put conditions on helping a family.  But I knew I needed to do so about 2 months ago.  Our former neighbors had had multiple health problems recently and of course continued financial problems.  I had visited them to deliver the pack and play and the apartment reeked of cigarette smoke.  I hadn’t noticed this problem before because they were always smoking inside.  I said to the wife that we would deliver the Christmas boxes, but if they didn’t quit smoking, that was it. No more help. I had 2 major motives 1) the parents had been in and out of the hospital with illnesses that were smoking related, the baby had been in the hospital with respiratory problems, and the other children had been sick a lot of the fall; and 2) if they could afford to buy cigarettes, they didn’t need our help.

I’m happy to report, after a couple of check ups, the apartment was smoke free for Christmas.  We were able to bring our children with us to deliver Christmas boxes.  And what amazing Christmas boxes!!!  The twins had been sponsored and their sponsor, knowing the troubles of this family, couldn’t stop giving and gave each twin two boot boxes full of clothes, shoes, toys, hygiene items, school items, snacks, etc.  The older two were sponsored by the costume department of Bolden, being filmed in Wilmington.  They had a great boot boxes too.  But I knew I couldn’t give two siblings two boxes and two siblings one box. So it turned out the woman who sponsored the older two camp was sending boxes for who ever we needed them to be for.  I asked if she could her kids’ names on two of them and it was with joy that modified boxes for her kids!

With the tough year these kids have had… it’s too sad to detail…we knew they needed a great Christmas!  and Thanks to some amazing sponsors they got it!!! We delivered their boxes on Christmas Eve.

DSCN5969 DSCN5970 DSCN5971 DSCN5974 DSCN5982 DSCN5985 DSCN5966

2 Responses

  1. Wait… I can give my kid two boxes………?

  2. no! your kid is in the village. these kids were not. so NO, NO, NO! Are you trying to get me in trouble?

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